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Kanda Shayega’s suicide note was announced as suspected of committing suicide because of her boyfriend’s cheating

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Original title: Kanda Shayaka’s suicide note was announced, suspected of committing suicide because of her boyfriend’s derailment

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Sohu Entertainment News recently, according to Japanese media, “Weekly Bunchun” published a report that announced the contents of the “suicide note” left by the Japanese female singer Kanda Shayaga, pointing out that she chose to commit suicide because of her boyfriend Maeyama Takahisa’s derailed idol A son, and announced The content of the chat between Mae Shan Ganghisa and A sub.

According to Japanese media reports, Kanda Shaya added that he had signed a contract with Katsuyuki’s apartment in early December, and planned to live with Mae Shan, but Mae Shan regretted it suddenly. Kanda asked Maeyama to write a letter of guarantee that he would not contact A son again, but soon discovered that he was still in contact, and even said on LINE that “A son is better,” and the two quarreled many times. In the suicide note, Kanda wrote: “You can’t be too tough with girls. I really want to live with you, want to live happily with you, and have children. I really love you.” She He also wrote about the shock of her boyfriend’s change of heart and the sorrow of not being able to realize her dream.

According to insiders, Kanda Sayaka originally planned to get married on New Year’s Day, but Maeyama wanted to concentrate on his career for a long time. The two had a big disagreement over the marriage. Kanda Sayaka’s mood swings are very high and he already needs to take a mental stabilizer to stabilize. mood.

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His boyfriend Maeyama Takahisa just released a memorial letter on the official website, saying that he and Kanda Shayajia had met 3 years ago, and because of the co-operation stage drama, he took the initiative to confess, saying that the two were seriously dating on the premise of marriage. The company also stated that Maeyama Takahisa was deeply affected by the death of Kanda Shayajia and would withdraw from the performance of the stage play that the two cooperated with. The company will provide psychological counseling for Maeyama Takahisa under the guidance of a doctor. The funeral of Kanda Sayaka was held on the 21st. The parents who had been divorced for many years organized the funeral for their daughter. The reunion of the family of three was actually at the funeral of the child.Return to Sohu to see more


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