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Kanye West’s first concept car “DONDA FOAM VEHICLE” sketches first exposed

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Kanye West’s first concept car “DONDA FOAM VEHICLE” sketches first exposed

Kanye West announced the establishment of the DONDA company named after his mother in 2012. Although the operation method is quite secretive, it not only produces album packaging design for many rappers, but also previously launched the music installation “Donda Stem Player” with the start-up company Kano. , and then more oriented development, and even founded schools.

Today’s tweet again exposes the simulated sketch of DONDA’s first concept car “DONDA FOAM VEHICLE”. At present, only the side appearance of the car is released. As you can see from the picture, compared to a sports car or a sedan, this model may be It’s more SUV-oriented, reminiscent of the vehicle Kanye West was driving when he appeared in the McDonald’s commercial; in addition, it only has glass in the front, no side windows, and huge tires like monster trucks are a highlight.

Like Tesla, the car’s statement says it will be made in the U.S., and Kanye West’s close relationship with Tesla CEO Elon Musk has led to speculation that the vehicle may be made by the auto giant this time around. It is also worth noting that the “Foam” in the name of the car actually means “foam”, which makes people wonder whether this word, which seems to conflict with metal and steel, will be used as a car raw material, or it may be used The image of “soft” describes the vehicle, but there is also a great chance that it is just a title.

“DONDA FOAM VEHICLE” will be executed by Steven Smith, who was recently appointed as Donda’s head of industrial design. There is no news on whether it will actually be mass-produced, but Kanye West has won huge success in music, clothing, and shoes. If it is successful, if the car model is really launched, it will inevitably cause a sensation again, and interested readers may wish to continue to pay attention.

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