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Karol G Returns to Medellín for “Mañana Se Bonito Fest” Concerts

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Karol G Returns to Medellín for “Mañana Se Bonito Fest” Concerts

Karol G, the famous Latin American singer, is preparing to perform in her hometown of Medellín for the “Mañana Will Be Bonito” tour. The highly-anticipated concert will take place on December 1 and 2 at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium.

The festival promises to be a grand celebration, with an impressive lineup of artists and an expected economic impact of over 44 billion pesos. In addition to Karol G’s performance, the event will also feature international artist Young Miko from Puerto Rico and local urban artists such as Ryan Castro, DJ Agudelo 888, Mar Mejía, Jhay P, and Nath.

The city of Medellín is gearing up for the festival, with 800 police officers on duty to ensure the safety and security of attendees. The event will also offer various experiences, including an open bar, restaurants, tours, games, and markets featuring local women’s brands that are part of the Con Cora Foundation.

As the concert approaches, details about Karol G’s requests for the event have surfaced. According to reports, the singer has made demands related to food, clothing, and some intimate spaces for her and her team. These requests include catering for her technical staff, bringing her own chefs, and spaces for meditation and seamstresses to prepare her costumes.

Despite the demands, one of the organizers from a previous concert clarified that they were not exaggerated requests and that other artists have made much greater demands in the past.

The “Mañana Will Be Bonito” festival is expected to be a momentous occasion for Medellín and a homecoming for Karol G. Fans and concert-goers are eagerly anticipating the event, which will also be broadcast free of charge in 23 municipalities of Antioquia.

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