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Kat DeLorean, John’s daughter revives the myth of the car symbol of the film “Back to the Future”

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Kat DeLorean, John’s daughter revives the myth of the car symbol of the film “Back to the Future”

MILAN – In the 80s we traveled through time aboard a DeLorean DMC-12, in the “Back to the future” trilogy. In the iconic cinematic effort, the protagonists Emmett “Doc” Brown and Marty McFly for their journeys from Hill Valley to an imaginary city in Northern California, using this car, have managed to create one of the symbols of the automotive industry, which many have attempted to imitate, but with poor results. To relive this myth, John’s daughter Kat DeLorean and her DNG Motors have announced that the Model-JDZ, dedicated to the father and heir of the DMC-12, will go into production at the beginning of next year.

Model-JDZ, a one-way travel car into the future

Let’s take a step back a few months, we are in spring, when DeLorean presents the Alpha5 electric coupe model created in collaboration with Italdesign, the US company that bought the commercial rights of the brand. Here someone had already speculated that it could be the heir of the DMC-12, but John’s own daughter has specified that she has nothing to do with the specimen that we will see next year.

The fact is that DNG Motors, which stands for DeLorean Next Generation Motors, founded by Kat DeLorean on the official website has announced that the production of the Model-JZD will begin from January 2023 in Detroit, in the state of Michigan. Above all, the car, of which we have only a few images available, was designed by a special team of engineers, as stated in the press release: “Some of the most important minds of the automotive world, who have joined a part of the designers of the original DeLorean. The company will be something never seen before in the sector, with particular attention to people and society “.

The other initiatives of the manufacturer

In the plans of the manufacturer there are numerous initiatives that go beyond the production of cars, DNG Motors has a special study program that it will make available to high schools and a series of initiatives with other companies in the sector to contribute to the many future challenges of the mobility.

About the technical data sheet of the racing car, we only know that the concept car was designed with an electric powertrain and that they are evaluating other options. While from the teaser video published by Kat Delorean, on her social networks, you can see some stylistic tricks and read in the caption the mission that is so dear to the heir: “DeLorean Next Generation is a new and revolutionary approach to a mobility company which does not aim to build cars, but rather to create education, opportunities and jobs through the production of cars ”.

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