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Keanu Reeves responds to the possibility of joining Marvel MCU movie

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With the start of a new phase of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), many works have added new faces, whether heroes or villains, including Angelina Jolie, Ma Dongxi, Liu Simu, etc., who have all recently released “Eternals” and ” “Shangqi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” came to prominence. Over the years, many Marvel-related producers have mentioned that they have negotiated with the “killing god” Keanu Reeves, and there have been several rumors on the Internet that he may participate in the Marvel universe movie series. Although it has not been realized so far, it also proves that this cooperation is indeed possible.

According to sources, in September last year, it was rumored that Keanu Reeves might play the leading role in the movie “Moon Knight”, which was finally played by Oscar Isaac; there were also rumors that Marvel wanted to invite him to play the role of evil scientist Mister Sinister, incarnate in the original comics. The villain is 196 centimeters and weighs 129 kilograms. And when Keanu Reeves recently accepted questions from fans of “Esquire” magazine, he finally responded to questions related to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying funnyly: “Isn’t the Marvel Universe bigger than the universe? It’s almost like a multiverse! If you can join Among them will be my honour. There are many excellent directors and visionaries in it. They have done a lot of unprecedented things. In terms of scale, ambition and production, it is really very special. It would be great to be able to participate.”

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From the recent speeches, you can feel that Keanu Reeves has a positive attitude towards this. Perhaps in the future, fans will be fortunate to see Keanu Reeves show off John Wick’s skills in the MCU series. Interested readers may wish to continue to pay attention.

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