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Keldon Johnson’s China tour field raid to feel the fiery Changsha_TOM Sports

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Keldon Johnson’s China tour field raid to feel the fiery Changsha_TOM Sports

On May 26, 2023, Keldon Johnson, the brand spokesperson of Zhongqiao Sports and NBA San Antonio Spurs player, arrived in Changsha, Hunan, opened the final stop of the “Keldon Johnson’s rapid ascension to China”, the trip to Changsha. In this hot city, Kelden Johnson continues to feel the love and support from Chinese fans.

Stadium raid to feel the fiery Changsha

From Lanzhou to Changsha, as the temperature soared, the trip to China continued to heat up. Shortly after flying to Changsha, Kelden Johnson came to the local field field raid. At the scene, Kelden Johnson had interesting basketball interactions with local basketball fans, and launched an exciting 3V3 match with local Chinese grassroots players. KJ’s ultra-long three-pointer and strong dunk made the atmosphere on the scene boil, and also pushed the enthusiasm of this China tour to the peak.

Keldon Johnson's China tour field raid to feel the fiery Changsha

As the head player of the Spurs, Kelden Johnson demonstrated his teamwork and superb skills in the interaction, bringing fans a visual and spiritual feast, not only let everyone further feel the charm of basketball, At the same time, the participating players were full of praise for the new products of Zhongqiao Sports, the sharp RISE and the sharpening 5PRO.

Co-creation of sneakers allows creativity to run wild

The next day, Kelden Johnson was invited to the “Fast Ascension Sneakers Creative Workshop”, where Zhongqiao Sports prepared a feast of art for Kelden Johnson. Several artists brought their artworks for Kelden Johnson to the event site to share their creations, and together with Kelden Johnson, Zhongqiao Sports designers and local fans, they conducted a discussion on sneaker design and The mind of artistic creation is stirred up.

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Keldon Johnson's China tour field raid to feel the fiery Changsha

Kelden Johnson was particularly surprised and excited by the different styles of art works, which not only enabled him to further understand Chinese culture and Chinese art, but also showed the infinite possibilities of RISE in color matching and design. In the end, KJ and the artists jointly created the graffiti of the sneakers and completed the finishing touch.

Raid continues to heat up KJ challenge passerby king

Changsha Station, which opened with a stadium raid, also ushered in the climax of this China tour in the form of a stadium raid. On the evening of May 27, Kelden Johnson came to Huangxing Square to raid the passerby king’s arena. At the scene, Kelden Johnson had a cordial teaching interaction with Changsha fans, and launched an intense 3V3 competition with the passer-by players, winning cheers from the audience, and the atmosphere was warm and extraordinary. At the scene of the event, Kelden Johnson not only showed the excellent skills of an outstanding player, but also showed his amazing language talent, and a full-fledged “I love Changsha” ignited the audience.

Keldon Johnson's China tour field raid to feel the fiery Changsha

After the game, he had a cordial exchange with the fans and took a warm photo. Keldon Johnson’s iconic smile made the fans fully feel the affinity and charm of this “curious boy”, which warmed the hearts of countless people. And such interaction will further strengthen Chinese fans’ love for Kelden Johnson and their support for Zhongqiao Sports‘ basketball products.

Keldon Johnson's China tour field raid to feel the fiery Changsha

So far, “Keldon Johnson’s Rise Up China Tour” has come to an end. Although Kelden Johnson will leave China for a while, the spirit of “RISE UP” will continue to be passed down in China. This trip to China not only gave Chinese fans the opportunity to get to know Kelden Johnson, a sunny and cheerful “curious boy”, but also allowed Chinese fans to re-understand the professional strength of Zhongqiao Sports in the field of basketball and the constant pursuit of technology. seek.

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I believe that such excellent products as RISE and 5PRO are only the first step of Zhongqiao Sports in the field of basketball, and it will surely bring more surprising products in the future. The story of Kelden Johnson’s trip to China will continue. I hope he will have a good performance in the new season, and I also look forward to the joint creation of Zhongqiao Sports with Kelden Johnson in the future and bring new surprises.

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