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Kep1er won the first music program championship and the members were in tears | Sakamoto Maibai | Kim Chae-hyun | Xu Yong-eun

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[Epoch Times, January 13, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin reported) On the evening of the 13th, the girl group “Kep1er (케플러)” selected by the talent show “Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga” debuted The title song “WA DA DA” from the mini-album “FIRST IMPACT” won their first music program championship since their debut in “M Countdown”. Team leader Cui Youzhen, Japanese member Mai Shiro Sakamoto and other members wept with emotion.

Kep1er, who only officially debuted on January 3, will compete with IVE, a new girl group, for the championship today. Although IVE scored a full score of 4,500 in the sound source section and Kep1er scored 0 in the sound source section, Kep1er scored full marks in album sales, global fan votes, SNS, and program broadcast scores. In the end, Kep1er won the championship with a total score of 6,500. When the host announced that Kep1er won the championship, several members covered their faces in surprise, wiped tears on the stage and hugged each other.

Captain Choi Yoo-jin expressed his gratitude to Kep1ian (official fan name) who has protected and loved them since the talent show, and said that Kep1er will become an artist who lives up to everyone’s expectations. Japanese member Maibai Sakamoto thanked the staff in various fields for their efforts in Korean, and thanked the fans who supported Kep1er in Korean and Japanese, and also stated that Kep1er will continue to work hard in the future.

Chinese member Shen Xiaoting expressed her appreciation in Chinese after thanking her fans in Korean, saying, “Kep1ian, thank you for your support, so that we can get this one (referring to “champion”), and we will work harder in the coming days, Let’s move forward together.” Xu Yongen said that Kep1er was able to win the championship because of the blessing of the fans, for which she was grateful, “Because Kep1er is only starting now, I hope everyone can look forward to and love us a lot.”

In addition to thanking the fans, Kim Dajuan also expressed her gratitude to her parents, and at the same time indicated that Kep1er will work harder. Kim Chae Hyun also thanked the fans, saying, “Kep1er will grow even more, and I am very grateful to the parents of the nine members.” Japanese member Hikaru Ezaki thanked Kep1ian in Japanese and stated that they will show their growth in the future.

Xiuning Baiye thanked the fans for giving them valuable awards, and said that Kep1er will work harder in the future, and hope that everyone can protect them. Jiang Ruixu admitted that he has no actual feeling of winning the championship yet, and also thanked the fans for always cheering and supporting them.

Captain Cui Youzhen added at the end: “And our members have really worked really hard, Kep1ian, I really love you!” During everyone’s testimonials and after summarizing everyone’s testimonials, he also wiped away tears several times. Yujin also embraced Yee Seo, who was beside her and sighed because she won the championship, and Wu Bai, who was crying on the stage. Finally, the members brought together the encore stage performance of “WA DA DA”. (Click to see the full video of the victory speech and the Encore stage

In the evening, Kep1er’s official SNS released a photo of the members with the trophy (click), and expressed his hope that Kep1er will win his precious first title on the occasion of the new year, and it will be an unforgettable day for Kep1ian as well.

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