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Kevin Spacey was expelled from “House of Cards” for 860 million yuan in sexual assault scandals jqknews

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Kevin Spacey was previously expelled from “House of Cards” for being involved in sexual harassment. (Picture/Dazhi Image)

Sing Tao World Wide Web News:According to Taiwan media reports, because of the “Me Too” trend in Hollywood many years ago, Oscar actor Kevin Spacey was also shot down. The actor Anthony Rapp revealed that he had intentionally sexually assaulted him, and then another one appeared afterwards. An 18-year-old teenager accused of sexual assault, which caused his career to plummet, and was dismissed by the representative work “House of Cards”. Today (24th) foreign media reported that the court recently issued a ruling, announcing that Kevin Spacey must pay the production company MRC a high price and a fine. Up to 860 million Taiwan dollars.

The 62-year-old Kevin Spacey was involved in the “Me Too” turmoil four years ago and was accused of sexual assault and harassment by many men. Even the staff of “House of Cards” also jumped out and revealed that they were sexually harassed by Kevin Spacey. Someone was sexually assaulted. An unnamed employee revealed that Kevin Spacey is a habitual offender and he is not the only victim in the crew. “This is basically harmful work for the young men on the crew who must contact him. environment”.

Regarding all the allegations, Kevin Spacey later issued a statement on Twitter. He frankly felt very scared after hearing the news, and he did not have any impression of these revelations. He said that these negative out-of-order behaviors should be related to alcohol, and officially announced that he would come out. , Declared: “Choose to be a comrade”. And Netflix, which is responsible for the production and broadcasting of “House of Cards”, then announced that it will no longer produce “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey, and it will no longer broadcast the movie “Gore” that he played in previously.

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MRC, the production unit of “House of Cards”, suffered great losses due to Kevin Spacey’s scandal. The company filed a complaint with Kevin Spacey two years ago. As a result of MRC’s harassment policy, the company immediately stopped cooperating with Kevin Spacey and launched an investigation. The court recently issued a ruling requiring Kevin Spacey to pay MRC approximately US$31 million in compensation, which is equivalent to NT$860 million. Very miserable.

Original title: Kevin Spacey was expelled from “House of Cards” in a sexual assault scandal and must pay 860 million yuan


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