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Kid-Wang Linkai’s “DEADLINE” tour Beijing station hits the immersive punk theme and explodes the summer night-Qianlong.com.cn

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Kid-Wang Linkai’s “DEADLINE” tour Beijing station hits the immersive punk theme and explodes the summer night-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Kid-Wang Linkai’s “DEADLINE” tour Beijing station hits the immersive punk theme and explodes the summer night

On the evening of June 3, singer and producer Xiaogui-Wang Linkai’s 2023 “DEADLINE” tour concert in Beijing began on time. As the second stop of this round of tour, this concert still continues the super high level of the previous stop, presenting a wonderful rock punk immersive themed concert. The family of Xiaogui-Wang Linkai also came to support and witness him Two-way rush with fans.

It is reported that the “DEADLINE” concert tour is co-hosted by Beijing Sure Sky Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Yongdaoxing (Beijing) Culture and Entertainment Co., Ltd. Dajing Xiaoguai Director Studio is the director team, and Xiaogui Wang Linkai himself is the creative director. presented. Xiaogui himself participated in the overall content design of the entire Live Show, covering music, stage art, choreography and other aspects.

Beijing Railway Station exploded and sang high-energy output wonderful non-stop

After the concert started that night, a set of different makeup photos with butterflies as filters were also exposed. The kid-Wang Linkai appeared in a dark gray plush jacket and wine red velvet trousers, showing wildness and unruly. At the concert, he also put on several sets of wonderful looks with different styles. The black gold-plated top showed the mysterious atmosphere of the dark night; the blue and pink plaid color matching suit was cool and stylish; Embellished with diamonds, the gentleman is dignified and has his own style… The style of the night can be changed freely according to the style of the music, and he also showed his ever-changing charm with his heart.

At the concert, the little ghost-Wang Linkai also fired at full power, with high-energy stage output that lasted all night, causing the audience to scream again and again. In addition to making friends with music, he also communicated with fans on the spot, encouraging everyone to learn to calm down and enjoy life itself with songs, and not to ignore the scenery along the way just because of the destination. When changing clothes at halftime, he generously shared his cooking vlog. The interesting and warm interactive sessions, as well as the presence and support of family members, made this concert more enjoyable and warmer.

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In addition to the specially designed pink-themed installations and giant rock and roll rabbits, which brought a strong visual impact, the concert also made the audience listen to it all at once. Throughout the whole concert, there were hit singles such as “Don’t Call Me Da Vinci”, “What’s Wrong With Me” and “Mood” Remix, as well as the new song “Hadn'” from this year’s MINI EP “L LINE”. t Met You” and “Last Day”; there are not only high-burning tracks such as “Deadline” and “Harley Quinn”, but also lyrical tracks such as “Raining” and “Write a Letter for Tomorrow”, and the cover of “Preference” brings The chorus of the whole audience directly filled the atmosphere of the scene. Behind the wonderful song arrangement is not only his rich work reserve under his original ability, but also his ability to control and control multiple styles of music.

From the new album to the concert, I will always go all out for music

On May 20, 2022, Xiaogui-Wang Linkai’s first full-length album “DEADLINE” was officially launched. For a whole year, he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the creation, production, planning, and design of the album, and finally handed over an excess transcript of 16 high-quality songs. This tour is also named after the new album, which symbolizes his attitude of going all out for music, daring to think and fight, and daring to break through.

Along the way, Xiaogui-Wang Linkai has injected nutrients into his identity as an “original musician” with an endless stream of high-quality new songs; at the same time, he has continued to use the stage to improve his Live expressiveness and on-site appeal. From “FIDING GHOST” in 2021 to “DEADLINE” in 2023, he has also continued to upgrade himself, using music to deliver satisfactory answers, and his full attendance proved his high popularity in the music market Spend. Youth without DEADLINE, youth forever Rock and Live. The 2023 “DEADLINE” concert tour is still going on, looking forward to Nanjing Station on June 10!

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