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Kim Min-joo of IZ*ONE to Make Big Screen Debut in Korean Version of “I Heard”

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IZ*ONE’s Kim Min-joo to Make Big Screen Debut in Korean Version of “I Heard”

In exciting news, Kim Min-joo from the popular girl group IZ*ONE has been selected as the lead actress for the Korean version of the heartwarming film “I Heard.” This will mark her first venture into the world of movies.

The film industry has confirmed that Kim Min-joo recently landed the role in “I Heard” and is currently preparing for filming. The movie is a beautiful love story that revolves around a woman who communicates through sign language and a man who falls in love with her instantly, leading to a deep connection between them. The Korean version is an adaptation of the Taiwanese movie released in 2010, which garnered a significant fan following in South Korea.

In the upcoming film, Kim Min-joo portrays the character of Noh Yoon-seo’s sister and a talented swimmer. While she played the role of a sister in the original version, the Korean adaptation depicts her as a younger sister. To accurately portray the character, Kim Min-joo not only had to learn swimming techniques but also had to master the art of sign language. She made sure to adequately prepare herself before starting the filming process.

The production for “I Heard” is set to kick off soon, and fans are eagerly waiting to see Kim Min-joo showcase her acting skills on the big screen. Her selection for this significant role highlights her impressive talent and versatility as an artist.

As an influential figure in the K-pop industry, Kim Min-joo has gained a dedicated fan base through her accomplishments with IZ*ONE. With her big screen debut, she is set to captivate audiences and make a name for herself in the acting world as well.

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Fans and netizens are expressing their excitement and anticipation for Kim Min-joo’s upcoming performance, with many sending their well-wishes and support for her new endeavor. With her charming personality and undeniable talent, there is no doubt that Kim Min-joo will shine in “I Heard” and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

The Korean version of “I Heard” promises to be a remarkable film that will touch the hearts of audiences. With Kim Min-joo’s addition to the cast, the movie is expected to receive even more attention and praise, further adding to her growing list of achievements.

Stay tuned for updates on the filming progress of “I Heard” and get ready to witness Kim Min-joo’s incredible transition from being an idol to a promising actress.

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