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Kim Samuel wins the Brave entertainment contract lawsuit: Thank you all | Produce 101 | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times November 17, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled a report) South Korean singer Kim Samuel, who became well-known for participating in the second season of the popular talent show “PRODUCE 101”, and his agency in 2019 Brave Entertainment was caught in a contract dispute, and the two parties went to court. Today (17th), the Seoul Central District Court ruled that Kim Samuel won the contract lawsuit.

In June 2019, Kim Samuel’s mother stated that Brave Entertainment asked Samuel to conduct personal business performances by the person in charge of the company that had nothing to do with the performing arts activities and lied many times, so that they could no longer trust Brave Entertainment. After telling the company to terminate the contract, Considering that the two parties could not negotiate properly, they filed a complaint with Brave Entertainment.

Brave Entertainment stated at the time that Kim Samuel did not discuss with the company beforehand that he wanted to act alone. The company did perform the contract after signing with Kim Samuel, but his mother unilaterally claimed that the exclusive contract did not exist. After the two parties filed a court case, Brave Entertainment filed a compensation lawsuit against Kim Samuel for 1 billion won (approximately NT$25.7 million/US$915,000) on the grounds that Samuel’s unilateral non-performance of the contract caused the company to suffer losses without justifiable reasons.

In this regard, the Seoul Central District Court today stated that it “determined that the exclusive contract signed by the plaintiff (Kim Samuel) and the defendant (Brave Entertainment) in June 2014 does not exist.” Although Brave Entertainment filed an appeal, it was rejected by the court.

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After today’s court decision came out, Kim Samuel wrote a short essay on his personal official IG. He wrote: “Garnet (official fan name) who have been waiting for me for a long time, praying for me, and trusting me, thank you very much. I can’t express it in words… God seems to be on my side. It’s all. Thanks to everyone.”

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