Home Entertainment King fried lineup!Liu Yuning Zhoushen Era Youth League gathers at Autohome 818 Global Car Night-China Entertainment Network

King fried lineup!Liu Yuning Zhoushen Era Youth League gathers at Autohome 818 Global Car Night-China Entertainment Network

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At 19:30 on August 18, 2021, the first large-scale car theme evening co-created by Autohome and Hunan Satellite TV for three consecutive years, “2021 Autohome 818 Global Car Night” will be held in Changsha, Hunan! Yesterday, the party official announced the first batch of guest lineups, Tengger, Mao Amin, Zhong Hanliang, Li Ronghao, Liu Xianhua, Liu Yuning, Li Sidani, Zhou Shen, and Times Youth League made their appearances. The super strong lineup full of highlights has made netizens full of expectations. #湖南卫视818 Evening meeting lineup# topic is dominating the hot search list, and the whole network is hotly discussed.

   Suspense license plate creative spoiler top-stream assembly leads to hot discussion

Before the official announcement of the guests, the official blog used a set of concise suspense license plate posters to enter the preview, released some guest information, and aroused the curiosity and enthusiasm of the netizens. According to the information disclosed by the license plate, many fans quickly “claimed” their favorite celebrities and called for their idols, which is full of expectations! Such a creative form of official announcement not only closely fits the theme of “Car Evening”, but also increases the sense of ritual of official announcement and is full of interaction.

2021 Car House 818 Global Car Night’s celebrity lineup is full of highlights, including not only powerful idols such as Times Youth League, Liu Yuning, and Zhou Shen, but also Liu Xianhua, Li Ronghao and other talented musical talents with unique creative abilities, working together for everyone Bring wonderful performances.

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Among the first batch of guests announced, the joining of Times Youth League has become the focus of heated discussion among netizens. Energetic young teenagers will all appear at the party. Fans have posted messages on the screen, looking forward to them injecting new vitality into “Car Night” and showcasing the coolest look of youth!

King fried lineup!Liu Yuning Zhou Shen Era Youth League gathers at Car Home 818 Global Car Night

   Powerful singers gather creative talents, summer teenagers set off a youth craze

In addition to top stars, the joining of powerful singers and creative talents has also aroused heated discussions. As the first generation of original musicians in China, Tengger loves to try new things in his music career for nearly 30 years. The styles of his works are varied, spanning grassland songs, film and television soundtracks, rock music and even the second dimension, etc., in the Chinese music scene. Be unique. At last year’s Car House 818 Global Car Night, Mao Amin and Mao Diyuan Wall sang on the same stage, deducting a new sense of classic songs. At this year’s gala, will the two singers once again join hands with the new generation of artists to bring a stage of wonderful chemical reactions?

Liu Yuning, who has blossomed in both music and film and television, is already an old friend of the 818 Global Automobile Festival. Will perform the magnificent Chang’an picture on the scene?

Zhong Hanliang is a well-recognized multi-actor artist. He is not only a singer, but also an actor who has many out-of-circle film and television works. The photos of recent events have made netizens marvel that “the state is as good as taking preservatives.” What kind of image appeared on 818 Car Night?

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Li Ronghao, who is full of musical creativity, has left a unique and distinctive musical mark in the hearts of the public with songs with warmth, life and attitude, such as “Li Bai”, “Models”, and “Young Talents”. What kind of interpretation will he have this time? Liu Xianhua, an all-round music talent, has excellent creative ability, and has the “super power” of turning everything at his hand into a musical instrument. What surprises will he create for the audience? Zhou Shen, praised by fans as a soul singer, what kind of natural sound will he contribute to the party?

All expectations will be announced one by one on August 18!

King fried lineup!Liu Yuning Zhou Shen Era Youth League gathers at Car Home 818 Global Car Night

   Gold medal production team, creating an audio-visual feast

The 818 global car night production team of Autohome is managed by the gold medal production team of Hunan Satellite TV, Xu Qing, who has created many popular programs such as “Earth Heart” and “Sound on the Scene”. The links of the evening party are set up. Innovative upgrades and visual presentations have been achieved. With “the number one engine, perfect Aiqing” as the new theme, the perfect Aiqing night is presented in three dimensions around 5 perfect Aiqing propositions, 7 rounds of release, and N perfect stage shows. The dazzling stage of cyberpunk style brings the ultimate sensory experience, many stars gather to ignite the fiery atmosphere, and the ordinary stories convey moving emotions. This carnival night in the automobile industry will once again bring surprises to the audience and friends.

The most impressive thing is undoubtedly that during the live broadcast of the party, Auto House will give out multiple rounds of surprise benefits. Super welfare activities ranging from 1 yuan to kill cars and 1 billion red envelopes will be released one after another. In addition, a super-large koi will be drawn to give out prizes worth millions. If you can’t come to experience this wonderful event in person, download the Autohome APP to watch the live broadcast of the party and participate in the interaction. Hunan Satellite TV, Mango TV, and Youku video sites will also broadcast it simultaneously.

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King fried lineup!Liu Yuning Zhou Shen Era Youth League gathers at Car Home 818 Global Car Night

More surprise guests will be announced one after another. Many exciting and benefits are ready to go. At 19:30 on August 18th, they will lock on Hunan Satellite TV. Watch the car home and Changan Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, SAIC GM Buick, GAC Trumpchi, Dongfeng Nissan, The 7 OEMs of Volvo Cars and Geely Automobile ignite the most anticipated 2021 Car Home 818 Global Car Night by car enthusiasts. There are so many wonderful things waiting for you to unlock!


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