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Knocked Loose, Deafheaven, Headbussa [20.02.2024: Simm City, Wien]

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Knocked Loose, Deafheaven, Headbussa [20.02.2024: Simm City, Wien]

by Oliver on February 22, 2024 in Featured, Reviews

Knocked Loose will make another stop in Vienna after their demolition in Flex 2023. For her guest appearance in the Simm City Do they have that next to them? DAZE– Seal of quality bearing Headbussa also the blackgaze giants Deaf haven as special guests.

The fact that the 2024 concert date may be rather unfavorable with regard to the mass of fans addressed because it coincides with the simultaneous appearance of Currents & Co.im Flex overlaps, get Headbussa in front of a half-empty hall you can only probably feel it – at Knocked Loose After all, the location is almost packed and the supremacy rights are pretty clearly clarified.
What is more important at this point is that the start of the French set at 7:30 p.m., as stated on the timetable and meticulously adhered to, is not entirely in line with the start of the show at 8:00 p.m. as communicated on the concert tickets. Or that you only miss something to a limited extent with the relatively generic beatdown hardcore of the group from Paris: solid craftsmanship through and through and an all-round motivated performance Headbussa not beyond absolutely stereotypical modular songs. But the band still does a really solid job as a warm-up, and at times there is even a subdued mood when frontman Loïc Le Goff makes tough guy announcements like “The Next song is about depression” and “Fuck Someone up, kick someone in the fucking fresse!” as well as the particularly grim head-off gesture, inviting the audience to interact with the pissed-off courage of desperation.

It’s easier for those (somewhat surprisingly chosen as special guest support) Deaf haven – the audience, who are already much more numerous, eats out of their hands from the first second.
However, the enthusiasm that the band generated during their previous visit to the arena is far from evident. This is certainly also because the… Simm City despite a powerful sound and light show (as well as a parking garage with a ticket machine that frustratingly refuses to pay for many visitors), conveys the charismatic aura of a desolate high school ball hall; a play-it-safe setlist that focuses on frenzy and takes few risks, with classics that have long been part of the standard repertoire; or that Deaf haven subjectively, as the middle part of this tour constellation, it simply doesn’t work completely coherently – and rather less due to the fact that the band has almost completely moved away from their blackgaze roots on the record, but has to remain committed to them on tour: Deaf haven are passionately professional from the very first second – George Clarke gesticulates jaggedly like a demonic Zampano and strides dictatorially, drummer Daniel Tracy (in the surf of a song contest wind machine blowing incessantly), Shaun Durkan, Chris Johnsin and Kerry McCoy play along appropriately a furious urgency.
Nevertheless, the spark only ends with the finale Black Brick and Dream House really skip (after Clarke suffers from technical problems during Gifts for the Earth has to leave the stage for a short time) – but that’s really the case, because the band triumphantly highlights all of their strengths and conjures up the full intensity of their emotional greatness.

Brought to the Water
Gifts for the Earth
Black Brick
Dream House

Like Knocked Loose They also attract quite a spectrum in terms of audience – from ruthless crowd-killing bums to pumped-up dudes who appear to be bare-chested in front of exuberant stage divers TikTok-Videos or the like, while others do push-ups in the wonderfully tireless and positively motivated pit and celebrate the band appropriately frenetically – the gang from Oldham County is now definitely setting the bar for sweaty action in front of the stage: without any warm-up phase, the tumult in the band is the same Halle offers a breathtaking power workout in a class of its own, because the slippery parquet is used by Deep in the Willow away the following around 50 minutes up to Everything is Quiet Now moshed so that your core teeth ring and your old bones complain of exhaustion the next day.
Especially since the band constantly wants to see more from the striking animation textbook – they instigate a circle pit, want to see a wall of death or everyone jumping for their life… if everything goes well, everything is dismissed with a calm, detached coolness.

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Knocked’s metal/hardcore is even more exciting live than on the records. The fashion-conscious (and therefore more likely to appeal to hipsters than scene purists) pair of frontman Bryan Garris (currently looking like a serious-looking, young Pacey Witter) and guitarist Isaac, who flamboyantly delivers his death growls and audience commands in a cropped fishnet shirt Hale’s performance has a hell of a lot of energy and constantly sets the right tone for your driving heaviness to keep the tension constantly high. The quintet certainly works according to the genre guideline like others, but knows how to throw more kerosene into the fire with each part, stimulating the adrenaline levels even further – and the audience reacts to this without any signs of fatigue, where the catalyst Knocked Loose does everything with explosive precision to push the crowd to new limits of exhaustion. That means: the set and the physical interaction with it are just extremely exciting.

The fact that the setlist for this tour is relatively similar (although a little more detailed with a total of 16 songs) to that of the previous European tour is of course understandable given the existing studio material (which has not grown since last late summer) – which is at least due to the seamlessness Integration of the new song Blinding Faith (unsurprisingly a monstrous crusher in typical band tradition!) but this is outweighed by the current almost insatiable hype and hunger Knocked Loose even after the evening (which, as usual, avoids bullshit and encores) – and actually makes him fit for such magnitudes for the next visit.

Deep in the Willow
Where Light Divides the Holler
God Knows
Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory
Denied by Fate
Oblivion’s Peak
Blinding Faith
All My Friends
…And Still I Wander South
Mistakes Like Fractures
Billy No Mates
Counting Worms
Everything is Quiet Now

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