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KORA WINTER – God Bless, God Forbid

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KORA WINTER – God Bless, God Forbid

God bless, God forbid

Label: Forever winter
Format: (LP)

Release: 24.11.2023

Hungrier, angrier and more pointed than ever before.

The post-hardcore high-flyers KORA WINTER really don’t make it easy for themselves and their (potential) fans with their second album “God Bless, God Be Safe”. Absolutely weird artwork that doesn’t really reveal a musical style, a bold album title and the fact that some taboo topics are addressed here are enough of a target. But musically, you can expect anything but light fare here.

The boys from Berlin make a real statement in the 144 seconds of the opener “Der Missratene Sohn”. Abstract, choppy riffing, hysterical vocals in the clean range that resonate with the Berliner Straße, German lyrics that make you think, a few gang shouts and a basic tone that continues to build up over the two minutes. In the following “Neuer Tag Im Rattenloch” you immediately slow down, there are calm, spoken vocals before shimmering riffs flank fronter Hakan Halaç, who raises his voice again until the chorus laments dramatically and catchily about the eponymous rat hole, before in the last third The mathcore escalation follows, but epic samples also give the song a different note.

And at this point I’m almost starting to sweat just thinking about the live situation. The German vocals give KORA WINTER’s sound its very special touch, the strenuous riff orgies combined with catchy melodies and breath-taking choruses do the rest to make you either love or hate the band.

For the grooving “Marmelade” they got help from Johannes Prautzsch, known for his work with KIND KAPUTT. Metallic riffs, punk drive and lots of bass rumble give this song its very own charm. “The Trauma, The Mourning” initially sets a wrong track with bombastic synths, which are immediately replaced by wild, almost dissonant drumming, dj-like riffs and emotional noise from Hakan. Just as the frontman barely takes time to catch his breath, the listener can hardly breathe during the wild but well-thought-out blast, until the almost apocalyptic drama ends the song.

Hopefully this will introduce you to the sound of KORA WINTER. Every track is different, allows for new elements, breaks boundaries and yet somehow everything fits together. The ride with the gentlemen from Berlin is definitely not easy, but it is worth it if you give this work your time. I would still like to highlight “BBDDSSMM”, because the singer just vomits out his hatred to heavy riffs, whispers, whimpers and disturbs you again and again with different vocal colors.

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Stab me, tear me open, eat me!
Attack me, take me as I am!”
I can’t feel my hands anymore
I can no longer feel my arms
I don’t want to feel my body anymore
My skin belongs to the Lord!

In contrast, the driving, but no less complex and fully loaded “Alle Gegen Allen” with its symphonic component is almost easy to digest and the final track begins its 7-minute journey with frail, clean guitars and emotional vocals, so that you already feel like you are in the singer-songwriter area , before the song mutates into a postcore anthem and gives the album a worthy conclusion.

As mentioned, “God Bless, God Forbid” is anything but light fare, but KORA WINTER always manage to keep an eye on the common thread and if you do get a little lost, you immediately make up with catchy parts, catchy choruses or conciliatory ones Melodies. It’s definitely worth sticking with it!

Tracklist “God Bless, God Forbid”:

1. (Fifteen Seconds To Think)
2. The Wayward Son
3. New Day In The Rat Hole
4. Jam ft. Johannes Prautzsch
5. The Trauma The Grief
6. Frontal Ins All
7. (How Can I Deal With Myself)
8. Man Against Wall ft. Alex Kerski & Gerrit Engel
9. BBDDSSMM ft. Taby Pilgrim
10. (Everyone against everyone)
11. All against all
12. Debt
Total playing time: –


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