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Kora Winter – God bless, God forbid

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Kora Winter – God bless, God forbid

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Like a colossal blow to the neck, “Bitter” drove through the landscape a good four years ago and caused eyebrows to rise. The sophisticated sound of Kora Winter, which includes The Hirsch Effect as well as Callejon and Heisskalt, stood and stands on its own artistic feet, sophisticated, anthemic and rough at the same time. As was the case then, today it is also about the fight against falling back into the ever-revolving spiral of damaging patterns, between power, powerlessness and inner disorder. “God bless, God forbid” is even moving forward a little more courageously.

A track like “The Trauma, the Mourning”, which also skilfully deals with growing up with a migrant background, symbolizes the ability to mix gripping lyrics and good attitude (Pabst shirts are always cool no matter what) with crisp music. Post-hardcore, a bit of chaos, washed-out catchiness and constant, proggy-modern unrest disintegrate as enthusiasm grows. Johannes Prautzsch from the strong Kind Kaputt appears in “Marmelade”. Instead of a bit of jam, bass-heavy unrest grows across, accompanied by staccato riffing and incredibly nervous math undertones. It’s constantly bubbling away.

The end of the album also deserves special attention. “Alle gegen Alle” packs a clear positioning alongside hopelessness, accompanied by the feverishly chanted song title. The screws of escalation tighten, anthemic moments appear out of nowhere, and almost heavenly caesuras can’t be missed either. “Guilt” takes up elements of the opener of “Bitter” and packs them into a meditative epic, fragile and oppressive, driven at the right moments by a force that can hardly be described. Comparatively compact, accessible tracks, such as “Mann gegen Wand”, which oscillates between escalation and experimental catchiness, or the destructive and stealthily heavenly “Neuer Tag im Ratloch” round off the album skilfully.

Sweet bird madness, now it’s over for you: Kora Winter goes above and beyond in every respect and simply takes more of everything with them, even if that seemed impossible before. The rough unpredictability offers even more entertainment value and shows a band that deals much more consciously with the depths of their own sound universe. You don’t know exactly where the journey is going, but you’re happy to be there with “God bless, God forbid” to witness the unfolding of the omnipresent core momentum. Complemented by no less strong texts, Kora Winter creates a gripping steam hammer that reveals new, exciting subtleties with every run.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: November 24th, 2023
Available from: aufewigwinter (Blood Blast Distribution)

Website: www.korawinter.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/korawinterband

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