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Korean Singer IU Holds Successful Concert in Seoul, Joined by RIIZE Member Anton

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Korean Singer IU Holds Successful Concert in Seoul, Joined by RIIZE Member Anton

IU Holds Successful “2024 HER WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL” with RIIZE as Guest

Popular Korean singer IU (Lee Ji-eun) recently held her “2024 IU HER WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL” in Seoul on March 2 and 3, captivating fans with her powerful performances. The highlight of the concert on the 3rd was the appearance of rookie boy group RIIZE as a special guest.

RIIZE member Anton (Lee Canrong), who has a long-standing relationship with IU dating back to their childhood, shared backstage photos from the concert as well as throwback photos of him and IU through social media. Anton, the son of singer and composer Yoon Sang and actress Shim Hye Jin, has always been close to IU, with IU even referring to Yoon Sang as “Dad” due to their strong bond.

During the concert, IU expressed her joy at seeing Anton grow up and pursuing his dreams as a member of RIIZE. She mentioned that it was the first time she had met Anton since his debut and was proud to see him on stage with her as a senior and junior artist.

Anton, on the other hand, shared his gratitude for the opportunity to participate in IU’s concert, stating that he never imagined standing on IU’s stage as a young boy. As RIIZE prepares for their first fan concert, Anton emphasized the valuable lessons he has learned from IU and expressed his thoughts on shaping his future as an artist.

In a heartwarming gesture, IU and RIIZE shared a dance challenge video of them dancing to IU’s latest album track “Holssi” on social media. Anton also posted a touching message expressing his support for IU and his excitement at meeting her as a member of RIIZE.

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Fans from around the world flooded social media with positive messages about the reunion of IU and Anton, reminiscing about their childhood photos and praising Anton for his growth and talent. The special bond between IU and Anton continues to inspire fans and artists alike, showcasing the beauty of mentorship and friendship in the music industry.

As IU’s tour continues to mesmerize audiences, the collaboration with RIIZE has undoubtedly added a special touch to her concert experience, creating unforgettable memories for both the artists and fans alike.

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