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Kugou creates a “cloud” full-sensing immersion concert to immerse every cell in the body-Qianlong.com.cn

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Kugou creates a “cloud” full-sensing immersion concert to immerse every cell in the body-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Kugou creates a “cloud” full-sensory immersive concert to immerse every cell in the body

A fully immersive concert to save your incurable holiday syndrome. On the evenings of October 14th and October 15th, a “cloud” concert combining technology and art was held on Kugou Music and Kugou Live. The new generation of singer-songwriter ODD Chen Sijian and the all-around singer Xilinnayi Gao gathered in the “cloud”. The immersive stage design, various styles of songs, and the whole scene were full of atmosphere, presenting a surprise for the fans who have been working for seven days after the festival. , together to control the irritability “full sense “green” movement”.

Immerse yourself in the “cloud” with the sound of sunset, forget your troubles with music

How immersive is the full-sensing immersion concert? When you come to the “cloud” scene, you can forget all your troubles, and every cell in your body is dancing and jumping. On the night of the performance, the customized main stage created by installation art and interactive art realized the perfect integration of technology and art, and the scene completely became a music world.

The new generation singer-songwriter ODD Chen Sijian, who first appeared on the 14th, opened with a surprise start with his representative work “I guess you must feel that I am not uncomfortable now”. Under the “hysterical” singing, the atmosphere of the concert reached a climax in an instant. The stage light and shadow effects full of technological sense will immerse music fans and fans in it, and obtain a full-sensing experience of hearing, vision and feeling. Taking advantage of the fiery atmosphere of the scene, Chen Sijian sang “Happy Birthday”, “zqsg”, “I Grow a Tree”, “Look, it’s snowing in Guangzhou”, “Yesterday, the footless bird didn’t fly out of Dongyi Garden”, “Alone” Many songs such as “The Desert” and “Actually I’m Learning Music Theory” ignited the hot emotions of all music fans.

On October 15th, Xilinnayi Gao, the “five-character sister” who took over Sijian’s baton, opened with her unique smokey voice and retro disco style “The Flawless Dance Party”, which was like a dose of “life-sustaining water”, It makes the soul who has been on the seven-day shift agitated again. Since then, “Sister Wuzi” has sung 7 songs in a row, including representative works such as “U”, as well as classic songs such as “White Dove”. Together with the cool stage design, music fans and fans bid farewell to their troubles, and together with the music swing.

At the end of the concert, Xilinnayi Gao ended the song with “Mirror”, “running all the way to the end of my life, seeing me in the mirror, and saying to myself, what I want is me…” I wish everyone After going through confusion, I can finally find the answer and run towards the future, making a perfect ending for this “cloud” concert. Friends who missed this “Cloud” concert, immediately log in to the Kugou Live APP and search for “ODD Chen Sijian” and “Xilinayi Gao” to replay the whole process with one click, unlocking every wonderful moment on the scene.

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The ultimate experience of music parade “Kugou” makes music everywhere

The “Cloud “Green” immersion concert is jointly produced by Kugou Music, Kugou Live and Guangzhou K11 Shopping Art Center, and is exclusively named by Haval Kugou. The third stop of the “Secondary” Music Dream Program. Many music technology experience spaces are also set up at the concert site. While enjoying the performances brought by the singers, fans and fans can also experience the diverse music brought by technological innovation. sense of improvement.

Among them, the black technology of “Viper sound effect” from Kugou Music, music fans can get the hearing improvement brought by Kugou digital audio processing technology, and feel the leap from 2D music to 3D music. The unique functions of Kugou Music such as “concert sound effect”, “5.1 panoramic sound effect”, “spatial sound effect” and “multi-track function” have attracted many music fans to experience it.

Haval Kugou also displayed 18 speakers built in cooperation with the internationally renowned brand JVC. The R&D team of Haval Kugou has as many as 200 people. It took 12 months before and after, and the development cost alone reached 30 million. Yuan. And in order to ensure the sound quality, Haval invited the European tuning team to perform sound field positioning and tuning to achieve a more perfect three-dimensional surround sound effect, creating an immersive 4D sound-burning cockpit, allowing users to experience high-quality immersive experience. music. This time, Kugou Music and Haval Kugou also announced the “Haval Kugou exclusive car sound effect” based on the “Viper sound effect” for the first time. The sound effect is adjusted according to the specific conditions of Haval Kugou’s interior space, materials, sound, etc., so that the treble is not harsh, and the bass is not distorted to scatter the sound, so that passengers in every position in the car can enjoy the rich three-dimensional sound. Surround sound effect.

It is understood that at the launch conference of Haval Kugou on August 10th, Kugou Music and Haval Kugou announced to jointly launch the “Cool Quadratic” music dream plan, and together make “Kugou” a young man’s favorite Exclusive symbol. The two parties perfectly adapt and integrate Haval Kugou’s excellent speaker hardware and sound adjustment with Kugou Music’s genuine music resources, digital music technology, and sound effects to bring the best sound experience to young users. Music tours are carried out in the city, allowing more people to experience the ultimate music experience brought by Haval Kugou and Kugou Music.

Let’s look forward to “Kugou” unlocking more cities for us, making music ubiquitous, making the distance more poetic, and making travel more enjoyable for young people. In the future, the two parties will explore more ways of cooperation to jointly provide more possibilities for the wonderful life of young consumers.

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