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Kugou’s multi-track brings extra surprises to the boys, Wang Xinling sings “Love You” in the “ear” – Qianlong.com.cn

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Kugou’s multi-track brings extra surprises to the boys, Wang Xinling sings “Love You” in the “ear” – Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Kugou’s multi-track brings extra surprises to the boys, Wang Xinling sings in the “ear” “Love You”

This summer, a number of music variety shows have swept the screen. Variety shows such as “The Voice”, “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves 3”, and “The Voice of God” have been launched one after another, which has set off a round of “Cantonese song craze” and “Sister craze” in the Chinese music scene. “Flowers all the way” sung by Zhou Shen and Zhang Shaohan, and Wang Xinling’s masterpiece “Love You” has reached the level of “swiping the screen”, and the Chinese music scene is rare and lively.

On the other hand, fans also hope to be able to call for idols on the spot, and there is a situation where tickets for the recording of variety shows are hard to come by. After all, there are only a few boys who can meet Wang Xinling face to face, and more “Wang Xinling boys” gather at Kugou Music. “Love You” once topped the Kugou Music TOP500 list, and has been in the top ten for a month since May 23. The judgement from the netizen “You”: “You get one vote, I get one vote, and my heart is still eighty. Can dance” received 47,000 likes.

And Kugou’s “concert sound effects” can make the “Wang Xinling Boys” feel immersive when the music is played, making up for the regret of not being able to go to the recording site.

It is understood that Kugou’s “concert sound effect” simulates the actual scene of the concert to provide users with a sound field effect with a sense of presence when the music is played. The sound effect simulates three different live categories including “Gymnasium”, “Kugou Concert” and “Opera House”: the stadium scene with closed space and performers in the center has its own surround sound, and the performance is balanced. A good choice for concerts; the stage of Kugou concerts is front-facing, the scene is open, and the single orientation that emphasizes positive appeal makes it the mainstream layout of major music festivals; the opera house mode usually highlights the atmosphere brought by the natural amplification of the environment, suitable for professional operas and instrumental performances.

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With the help of Viper sound effect technology, the concert sound effect can also simulate different subdivision spaces in the same performance scene. Among them, 11 sound field points can be selected for the Kugou concert, and 12 scene points can be selected for the other two scenes. The simulated sound field The area not only includes auditoriums at various price points, but users can even experience the sound field effect of the performer’s location. You can choose the position closest to the stage and dance with the idols, or you can choose to enjoy it quietly by yourself in the back row. You only need Kugou’s “concert sound effect” to experience the listening experience of different locations on the performance site.

In addition, the “multi-track” function of Kugou Viper sound effects can also choose to preset a variety of dynamic/static sound effects, such as “voice surround”, “band scene”, “immersive panorama”, etc. You can quickly experience the effect of listening to songs in different spatial scenes. For example, if you select “Singing in the ear”, you can get the feeling of Wang Xinling singing “Love You” softly in her ear, and hear every detail in her voice. In addition, you can also move the track ball provided by the multi-track function to fine-tune the sound effect, so that the sound effect can best suit your listening habits.

The Kugou development team once said that they hope to bring music fans a diverse listening experience with live sound effects with different focuses. At present, there are more than 120,000 sound effects of Kugou Viper. For the same song, select the[Sound Effect]button on the song play page of the Kugou Music APP, and only use the various sound effects provided by the Kugou Viper sound effect to get the same song. A whole new experience.

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