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Kurt Vile – Back to Moon Beach

by admin
Kurt Vile – Back to Moon Beach

by Oliver on November 29, 2023 in EP

These 52 minutes are a “EP by no one’s definition but Kurt Vile’s“. Regardless of the format categorization, this turns out to be fabulous Back to Moon Beach but in the last few meters also as a half-baked whole.

At least the first six songs are long, the last one died at the beginning of 2023 Violators-member Rob Laakso is a pretty flawlessly homogeneous showcase of the cultivated, deeply relaxed Vile trademarks around slow guitar playing, lethargic singing and dozing melodies that feel like familiar friends.
The unobtrusively outstanding Another good year for the roses adds a few piano accents with a bit of country flair, is catchy in a simple way and burbles along in an exemplary, spectacle-free way, before the cozy one Touched somethin (caught a virus) There is no excitement in its peaceful, almost sleepy groove and the title track at the latest defines the MO with a bit more psychedelic drone: Vile lets himself slide into the open-form songs, this time emphatically contemplative and calm, drifting along completely casually and accompanies them without any real impulses don’t have anywhere to go, the atmosphere it conjures up suddenly captivates you in a subversive way and is so immediately captivating.

The spring-like Like a wounded bird trying to fly The dynamics of the tension then appear a little more airy with birdsong and weave in subtle harmonious textures, Blues come for some sways with closed eyes in slow motion in front of the crickets chirping piano and Tom Petty’s gone (but tell him i asked for him) allows itself a few edges in the relaxed groove of the rhythm section with bells.
Were Back to Moon Beach then with the smooth shuffling, so amiable one Wilco-Cover Passenger Side and the (unfortunately only featured as a bonus track on the deluxe version) seamlessly incorporated Charlie XCX-Tribute Constant Repeat ended, this nominal EP would be an absolutely well-rounded affair and even a secret highlight of Vile’s discography.
Instead, Dylan’s interpretation falls Must Be Santaversion is not only completely out of the ordinary in terms of content, but is also musically bizarre (as minimalist synth-pop with semi-serious moaning vocals, complete with wry support from Kurt’s daughters Delphine and Awilda and bordering on shy pastiche), meanwhile (Watch My Moves)-Track Cool Water just celebrates a relatively uninspired, barely necessary dacapo in a single version. Which somehow only fits with the laissez-faire attitude of the EP.

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