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La Cumbre: They accuse a man of murdering an elderly woman to rob her

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La Cumbre: They accuse a man of murdering an elderly woman to rob her

A man was detained by the Police accused of having been the perpetrator of the murder of Rosa Nelly Lucero, who was 93 years old and was beaten to death last February at her home in the town of La Cumbre, in the Punilla valley.

Miguel Cáceres was charged as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of qualified homicide, as ordered by the Cosquín prosecutor, Paula Kelm.

In turn, another man was imprisoned for alleged cover-up.

The main defendant had a business premises in a building on the top floor of which the victim lived, on Rivadavia street at 300 La Cumbre. According to what he learned, the man had the key to the apartment and would have devised a plan to steal a large sum of money consisting of pesos and dollars. A booty that, according to the cause, was obtained.

According to sources from the prosecution, the individual would have set up a scene of attack and robbery, in order to divert the judicial investigation.

The crime was discovered on February 15. The victim, who lived alone, was found with severe trauma, especially to the head.

The defendant had a close relationship with her for several years. According to him, the woman would have given him hereditary rights to the property. However, apparently, that relationship would have suffered in the face of an imminent property auction.

In the framework of the judicial investigation, the arrest of another 60-year-old man, presumably a friend of the suspect, was also ordered. The capture was made by police personnel in the area.

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He was charged as the alleged perpetrator of aggravated concealment.

Both defendants were sent to prison and it is expected that in the next few hours it will be known when the inquiries will take place.

The murder, as is to be expected, caused a logical commotion in this town located on the northern fringe of the Punilla valley.

The case continues at a steady pace in the Cosquín prosecutor’s office.

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