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Lambretta, 75 years old and feeling as light as the first day

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Lambretta, 75 years old and feeling as light as the first day

MILAN – 75 years of history and don’t hear them: since 1947 Lambretta has entered the hearts of Italians and, since then, has become an icon of mobility on two wheels.

To celebrate this important anniversary, on the occasion of the Design Week, an ad hoc installation was created to pay homage to Lambretta, to the models of yesterday, up to the current ones. The G-SPECIAL is a bit like the flagship of the range. Presented in the form of a concept at Eicma 2019, after the pandemic, it arrives in its official capacity, ready to debut by the end of 2022. The G-Special has the most classic and precious all-steel monocoque frame with the famous interchangeable side panels in the respect for the most authentic tradition of the house. Also present is the typical front suspension with pulled wheel oscillating arm and double shock absorber, double ABS channel, full LED headlights, TFT display.

There is also space for X300, the great novelty of this Fuorisalone, characterized by an innovative and surprising design. The X300 is conceived as the “ideal vehicle” of the new generation of Lambretta enthusiasts, anticipating their high expectations in terms of quality and design. The X features sporty and tapered lines, which immediately recall the typical stylistic features of the legendary Lambrettas of the past. The design of the steel sides is innovative, with “diamond” lines that still retain the soul and spirit of the Lambretta, updating them in a new guise. The fixed fender is maintained which is a peculiar characteristic of the Lambretta.

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