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Lanvin, Missoni blessing SUICOKE this summer will usher in another outbreak? |SUICOKE|Trends|Fashion_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Lanvin, Missoni blessing SUICOKE this summer will usher in another outbreak? |SUICOKE|Trends|Fashion_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Original title: With the blessing of Lanvin and Missoni, will SUICOKE break out again this summer?

Author: 1626 Trend Selection

With the change of fashion hotspots, slippers and sandals have become the most common shoe categories in summer. Sandals and socks, which were once considered old-fashioned, have also become a fashion trend.

As the temperature rises, sandal styles have become the target of many trend players, and among them, a Japanese brand SUICOKE has to be mentioned.With many outstanding joint projects, the brand has made a leap into the fashion field.

This year’s SUICOKE is still aggressive, and has released a number of joint projects. In addition to a series of trend brand joint names, it also rarely interacts with luxury fashion brands, which has attracted wider attention.

  SUICOKE slippers become

  Trend players must have in summer?

SUICOKE was established in Tokyo, Japan in 2006. At first, the brand did not have a fixed product category, so it will launch various products such as furniture, accessories, and shoes.

After nearly 8 years of exploration, SUICOKE launched a series of sandals such as DEPA, CHIN and SHACO in 2014, thus determining the general direction of the brand in the future.

With the in-depth development in this field, SUICOKE has gradually formed its own style. The adjustable nylon straps and the non-slip and wear-resistant Vibram outsole have become the selling points of the brand shoes.

The founder of SUICOKE once said in an interview: “We have seen sandals of good quality, but they are all unrelated to fashion. SUICOKE just wants to make sandals that can be worn outdoors and can be used as daily collocation, this is our original intention.”

Edison Chen's footEdison Chen’s foot

With the arrival of summer, SUICOKE has once again become the favorite of trend players.

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Recently, Edison Chen, who traveled between Japan and Hong Kong, was found to be frequently wearing SUICOKE shoes, including the latest joint styles that were not yet on sale at that time.

@connorxel / @aininahasnul@connorxel / @aininahasnul
@bigsleazo / @tooyoungforthatshit@bigsleazo / @tooyoungforthatshit
  @taiki_97 / @tj.saw1 @taiki_97 / @tj.saw1

Not only that, the number of people on social media has also risen sharply, and the rich joint names make SUICOKE suitable for various types of styles such as fashion, streetwear, and tooling.

Features such as high appearance, comfort and durability make SUICOKE an advantage in the sandal category, which is one of the reasons why so many players choose to wear shoes this summer.

  SUICOKE’s trendy joint name

still heavy

SUICOKE’s strong operating philosophy makes it often cooperate with different brands.This makes it from an obscure niche Japanese brand to a new favorite in the trend field.

After finalizing the brand positioning in 2014, SUICOKE began to launch a joint project with the Danish brand Norse Project, laying the groundwork for the crazy joint venture in the future.

Jinichi Leung, SUICOKE’s international sales manager, said: “The joint project not only provides new options for existing fans, but also allows more consumers to have access to SUICOKE’s products.”

Almost every year SUICOKE brings a lot of excellent joint projects. Of course, this year is no exception. In the first half of the year, the brand released more than a dozen blockbuster joint projects.

Marsèll x SUICOKEMarsèll x SUICOKE

  Carhartt WIP x SUICOKE

MOTO, as the most popular shoe type of SUICOKE, has harvestedThe favor of Italian handmade leather shoes Marsèll, Carhartt WIP and other brands, they have launched joint styles with them.

Marsèll incorporates its own signature leather material into the body, and has a thick outsole made of recycled rubber; Carhartt WIP restores the simplicity and authenticity of the design by using the same color stitching.

Engineered Garments x SUICOKEEngineered Garments x SUICOKE

The joint name of the American retro brand Engineered Garments and SUICOKE is based on the standard Kaw-Cab. The upper is made of original fabrics for the 2022 spring and summer season. The psychedelic pattern design is quite bright, and the corrugated sole has cushioning and grip.


In the joint project with the big brother NEIGHBORHOOD, the two sides chose another popular shoe type DEPA-V2 from SUICOKE, and adopted the design of the original jacquard belt, showing the name tags of both sides of the brand, which is highly recognized by the joint name.


The Japanese street brand WACKO MARIA focuses on SUICOKE’s basic TONO. The upper webbing is presented in WACKO MARIA’s original leopard pattern, and it is equipped with SUICOKE’s original 8 mm ultra-thin insole for long-term walking.


The Japanese trend brand UNUSED is also co-branded with SUICOKE and designed around Pock shoes. The upper is designed with water resistance, and the instep pocket design also uses the zipper of the old Italian LAMPO, combined with SUICOKE’s original sole, which is full of practicality.

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  It is not difficult to find that this year’s SUICOKE joint project covers multiple shoe styles of the brand, and each joint project is also presented in different styles.Provide consumers with more choices in the summer.

  Hand in hand with fashion and designer brands

  Publish joint project

In recent years, with the integration of street and fashion, various shoe brands have launched joint ventures with luxury fashion and designer brands. SUICOKE is no exception, and several blockbuster joint projects have been exposed recently.


The first is the LANVIN joint name that Edison Chen took the lead in. Its design is also very interesting. The two parties were inspired by the popular LANVIN Curb last year, and transplanted its color matching, shoelace details and other elements to MOTO.

As a pair of luxury fashion brands, the current market price of less than 2,000 yuan can be regarded as very attractive.

Missoni x SUICOKEMissoni x SUICOKE

SUICOKE has recently released a joint style with Italian fashion brand Missoni, including two shoe types, MOTO and Depa, in four color schemes. The design incorporates Missoni’s iconic geometric pattern to fully create an exotic and vibrant nature. Attributes.


Not only that, this year SUICOKE also joined hands like FUMITO GANRYU, TOM WOOD, TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist. Designer brands such as Baotou shoes and five-toed shoes have launched other shoes besides sandals.

The lazy and luxurious aesthetic has become an important part of today’s pop culture, and SUICOKE is one of them.With the increasing variety ofthe brand also has more possibilities waiting to be revealed.

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  The former SUICOKE gained a large number of fans in the field of street trends with joint projects such as BAPE and Stussy.Do notIt is difficult to find that the ambition of the brand this year is no longer limited to this, so it has made a move to the fashion field.

As SUICOKE begins to walk on the show and is concerned by the fashion group, the next step of the brand is more worthy of our attention. Curious, what major plans will this brand that started with a joint name bring us in the future?

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