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Laura Biagiotti and Angelini Beauty launch a new perfume to celebrate golf

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Commitment to the environment, political parties, permits to be able to go back to living (almost) as before the pandemic: there has never been so much talk of “green” as in these complex years. Green is the color of nature, on the other hand, and by extension of rebirth, vitality, the energy of “viriditas” as Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century mystic, also understood it. It is therefore no coincidence that the name “Green” was chosen for a perfume that marks a rebirth. This is Roma Uomo Green Swing, the most recent declination of the Roma Uomo perfume signed by Laura Biagiotti, licensed by Angelini Beauty, which also evokes another green, that of the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, 18 spectacular holes just a short distance away. distance from the headquarters of the fashion company, in Guidonia, in the province of Rome, born in the nineties from a dream of Laura Biagiotti and her husband Gianni Cigna, passionate about golf as well as ancient and futurist art.

Golf, a new inspiration for Rome

After the Italian Open, scheduled from 2 to 5 September, Marco Simone will host the Ryder Cup in 2023, the most important international golf event and the third most followed sporting event in the world after the World Cup and the Olympics. Postponed for a year due to the pandemic, it is now starting to be evoked and celebrated also with the new fragrance: “This is a new variation of Rome, the sporty one, which we had not described up to now with our perfumes – explains Lluis Plà, administrator delegate of Angelini Beauty, in the green and flowered garden of hydrangeas of Lavinia Biagiotti’s residence, at the top of the company and president of Marco Simone -. With this fresh and green fragrance, in fact, we also want to address a new group of younger consumers, men who love sports, active life, movement. The swing, in fact ».

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In the ancient chapel that was part of the castle-residence of the Biagiotti family, the olfactory path of Roma Uomo Green Swing leads through the sparkling notes of Calabrian bergamot, the surprising and intense notes of violet leaves, the classic vetiver, the elegant wood cedar, cardamom – the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla, grown sustainably in Guatemala -, tonka bean, basil, geranium, quince, chosen by the nose Daphne Bugey, of Firmenich, in a combination that will also appeal to women.

The meeting of two family businesses

Perfumes have always been a strong point for Laura Biagiotti, herself a passionate fragrance collector. And precisely through Laura Biagiotti Parfums, with the bestseller Roma, launched in 1988, the company supported the restoration of the Campidoglio cordonade in 1997, in one of the first acts of fashion patronage. In 2015, the perfume license passed to Angelini Beauty, a branch of the Roman holding with a turnover of 1.6 billion in 2019, an agreement born from a common vision of entrepreneurship: “Biagiotti and Angelini are two family companies that met and who believe in true made in Italy – continues Plà -. We produce perfumes entirely in Italy, starting with the fragrances of Icr, up to the bottles of Bormioli. We also have other perfumes from Italian fashion companies in our portfolio (Trussardi and Blumarine, ed) and we want to be ambassadors of Italian perfumes in the world ».

Lluis Plà, to Angelini Beauty

“Rome” given to the G7, and the importance of taking care of oneself

Also for this reason, the Roma and Roma Uomo perfume were recently delivered as an official gift by Prime Minister Mario Draghi to the guests of the G7 in Cornwall. Germany, the countries of Eastern Europe and Russia are the first markets for the sales of Biagiotti fragrances. “We are finally seeing positive signs for perfume sales – adds the CEO -. I say this with caution, because the pandemic is not over yet, but we are approaching to close the second half of 2021 with about the same numbers as the first of 2019, therefore pre-Covid “, a year that closed with a consolidated turnover of about 107.5 million and a production of 24 million pieces.

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