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#lavalacqua: this is how Suzuki will save seas and oceans

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#lavalacqua: this is how Suzuki will save seas and oceans

The market launch of the new efficient DF140B, DF115B and DF100C outboards represented an opportunity for Suzuki to put the revolutionary “#lavalacqua” device in the spotlight. The original name of the device adopted by the Italian branch of the Hamamatsu house now follows an already consolidated trend in the automotive sector and is used to make everyone understand immediately what a particular technology is for. In this case the “Suzuki Micro Plastic Collector” is a sophisticated technology capable of collecting microplastics during navigation. After a thorough research and experimentation phase, Suzuki Motor Corporation engineers have developed the world‘s first microplastic collection device that can be installed on outboard engines. According to the technicians of the Japanese brand, the device can be easily installed inside the engine cooling system and does not affect its performance as it only uses water that has already been used for cooling. In short, no negative implications on the performance of the engine but only the considerable advantage of allowing the cleaning of the water from microplastics during navigation. It should be noted that on the basis of what emerged from a research conducted in Japan, significant deposits of microplastics were found among the substances collected through this filtering system, which underlines the growing concern raised by the phenomenon.

Further data is being updated and will occur at the end of the research and development phase of the system that Suzuki is also conducting in the rest of the world. Among other things, this environmentally friendly technology was awarded the Innovation Award at the last Genoa boat show, as an ingenious solution destined to become a production standard. After the experimentation phase, also carried out in Italy, the first Suzuki outboards will be introduced to the market in the next nautical season, which will have this filter as standard equipment. The engines that will adopt this “green” system will be those with a power between 140 and 100 horsepower with a displacement of 2,045 cc. This technology is also part of the Clean Ocean Project of the Japanese company and is part of the “Suzuki Environmental Vision 2050” plan in favor of safeguarding the planet, which in practice translates into the development of products with low environmental impact and in multiple projects with a worldwide and local. Finally, the list price of the new medium-power outboards with mechanical control DF140B, DF115B and DF100C (available in late summer) is, respectively, 14,700, 13,500 and 12,700 euros. (Maurilio Rigo)

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