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LE_MOL – J_lly G___D _ime_

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LE_MOL – J_lly G___D _ime_

J_lly G___D _ime_
(Post-Rock | Alternative)

Label: DIY
Format: (LP)

Release: 24.11.2023

The slightly different package reached me recently. A small cardboard box with a real Polaroid on it. There you can see a photo of other Polaroids, some of which were burnt. It turns out that this is also the artwork for the new work by Austrian duo LE_MOL. In there I found more Polaroids, some of which had been professionally and manually ripped off, charred and with a beautiful retro look. On it you can see artistic images of a Ferris wheel, old alarm clocks and a lolly.

The two describe themselves as a loop duo and feel comfortable in the spheres of post-rock. The result is interesting soundscapes, with sparse but well-used singing, a calm atmosphere and yet exciting song structures. The loops work and keep increasing until you think you have a big band in front of you, the melodies are igniting, the electronic elements are pleasing and the compositions, such as the delicate “Prds Recomposition”, almost nestle in your ear canals . Music to switch off, dream, indulge in and yet what LE_MOL offer here is complex, sophisticated and exciting, effortlessly captivating for a good half hour.

No two songs are the same, new moods and sound elements are constantly being tried out, the tempo varies and the singing adapts accordingly. And even though this album consists of several previously released EPs, everything seems to fit together and works wonderfully. The song titles were creative, sometimes profound, but also sometimes tongue-in-cheek, with songs like “Sounds Eh So”, “Brunch Sounds Nice” or “Me? Lol” show.

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LE_MOL is something for courageous and experimental (post) rockers who are rewarded with a very special sound.

Tracklist „J_lly G___D _ime_“:

1. Sounds Eh So
2. Welcome To The Bubble
3. Paradisaeidae
4. Prds Recomposition
5. The Wren
6. Fun With Teeth
7. Damn You! Grown Up World
8. Brunch Sounds Nice
9. Me? Lol
10. Good Times
Total playing time: –


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