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LEAFXIA SS23|Through the deep sea, be the light that is seen

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LEAFXIA SS23|Through the deep sea, be the light that is seen

LEAF XIA brought the SS23 spring and summer series to Shanghai Fashion Week, and officially released Tyndall in the deep sea, a colorful “HER” theme series at 17:30 pm on September 28, 2022, at the Red Court show in Xintiandi Taiping Lake. Go through the deep sea with everyone and be the light that is seen.

The series went from digital show to offline show, from romantic metaverse drifting to mysterious deep-sea fermentation. Through the contingency and relaxed shape of draping to build the inner world of soft and tough girls, the girls of LEAF XIA are the visible light that penetrates the deep sea to light up each other, explore the possibility of life, and embrace the most real deep inside. self.




Photo by Michael (PINPIN STUDIO)

Show field hits

Photo by Michael (PINPIN STUDIO)

This season, LEAF XIA has built the show into the depths of the ocean under the “Tyndall effect”. The appearance of luminous jellyfish lights up the entire deep sea, and the light and seawater blend in different shapes under the bright and dark.

Photo by Mint

The models gathered and scattered in the center of the runway. Every time the heavy bass surging on the ocean waves, they shuttled through the runway like water creatures, breaking through many obstacles and becoming the light that was seen.

Photo by Michael (PINPIN STUDIO)

The new LEAF XIA series worn by the model echoes the continuous elegant jellyfish and the colors of flowers blooming in the deep sea. Light, shadow and space are integrated and interdependent, showing the light and clear nature of the design. Colored rabbits also wear colorful flowers to breathe together on the seabed. While exploring the infinite possibilities of life, the designer also conveys the close combination of water and aquatic creatures through metaphors. There is no independent individual, and calls for people to pay attention to the relationship between people and the environment. coexist.

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LEAF XIA has always been good at dealing with the balance of large-area contrasting colors and gradients, with strong integrity and rich details. Through original hand-painted printing, the flowers bloom on the radiant organza fabric, and the puff sleeves and ruffles are used to layer the girl’s innocence. The three-dimensional rose wrapped around the model’s elbow is easy and elegant in the skirt. The bow on the pendulum and the pieces of mesh yarn on the butterfly wings seem to form a light outline of a brocade of flowers in the contingency of draping. The designer uses easy cutting and overlapping gradients of multiple colors of the fabric to weave a dreamy romance reflected by the light in the deep sea for us.


Artistic Sketch by Shan Dan

plan the details

Photo by ENZOFW & Mint

This season’s “HER” series has LEAF XIA’s iconic original hand-painted printed fabrics to achieve splicing, creating a light and breathable overall shape; it also strengthens the splicing and cutting of printed fabrics, and the way of patchwork makes the outline more flexible and natural , to break the boundaries of clothing sleeves, necklines, etc.; through large-area contrasting colors, three-dimensional rose cutting, butterfly-shaped three-dimensional cutting, etc., it presents a flowery but light shape, and explores more possibilities of fabrics by chance.

Photo by Enron & Kepler

Photo by Dragon Fruit & Michael (PINPIN STUDIO)

This season’s makeup is smudged with dazzling and warm yellow like the sun, blooming like flowers and butterflies without borders, blurred and romantic. Purple and red rich in oriental aesthetics interpret the uniqueness and beauty of oriental girls. Through the complete modeling, the different textures and states of the LEAF XIA girls are deduced. They are delicate and soft, pure and romantic, elegant and reserved, enthusiastic and unrestrained… But they are as tough and powerful as water, growing wantonly in the face of different environments and running freely.

Photo by Michael (PINPIN STUDIO)

Photo by Mint

Photo by Liang Lantian

Photo by Michael (PINPIN STUDIO)

LEAF XIA, which has always implemented the development concept of sustainable fashion, also gave the fabric a second life this season, stitching thousands of pieces of cut fabric to form the pattern of the garment, reducing the waste caused by fabric cutting and printing plate paper. . Organza printed fabrics and conventionally discarded embryo samples are used for secondary artistic creation. Through hand-cutting, shoes and bracelets are made into headwear. Through the unlimited range of use, the environmental protection goal of zero-waste is achieved. Such creative and responsible behavior also encourages girls to break the shackles of tradition, be brave to innovate and explore, break through their own identity, face their hearts, and have a dialogue with their emotions.

Photo by Michael (PINPIN STUDIO) & Enron

In addition, this season also fully reflects the combination of clothing and technology. For the first time, LEAF XIA brought 3D cloud bags and rose bags to the offline show, making the dream come true and become the visible light. Realize more possibilities with technology.

Photo by Michael (PINPIN STUDIO)

KOL: Long Yijie & Xu Shiqi & Shao Yufei

KOL: Jung Kwan & Little Citrus & Little Drops

The release of the SS23 spring and summer series also attracted the arrival of many fashion industry insiders, fashion bloggers, brand friends and media friends. Together with LEAF XIA, they broke through many obstacles, reached the deep sea of ​​each other’s hearts, and became the light that was seen. .

OATLY, the world‘s leading brand of oat plant based on environmental protection and sustainable development, also appeared in the LEAF XIA show, supporting sustainable fashion development and making the show more beautiful and warm.

Photo by Bean Sprouts

It is worth mentioning that JIUDI, a cutting-edge hairdressing brand in Canada, has supported the presentation of colored hair in this season’s series. For JIUDI in her student days, LEAF XIA may be the light, but now she has also become a person who can penetrate the deep sea. The light and together bring the power of color to every girl, so that the universe will be filled with colorful colors.

Photo by Xiaomu & Anran

With this season’s release the brand has drawn the perfect end to the “HER” collection. LEAF XIA has created a dreamy and romantic deep-sea journey for us with relaxed design and draping, and an immersive visual impact. It shows the further integration of clothing and technology, and deeply explores the coexistence of people and the environment, and the countless possibilities of life. Encourage girls to face their inner world in the moment, discover and show their unique and colorful selves.

In the future, I expect LEAF XIA to continue to use the power of color to think and convey beauty, become the firmest and softest crystal castle in the hearts of girls, and let each girl become that visible light to warm each other.

Photo by Fried Egg


Video, Lighting, Music Art Direction: Amy Chan YW

Show Director: Amy Chan YW

Video Jockey: VJ YuLu

Lighting engineer: Xiao Miao (Liquid Impact)

Fitting and Backstage Management: Amy Chan YW, Grace, XiaoXue, Rachel

Dressing Team: Hu Xiaoling Team

Stylist: Cherry Tao

Model Casting: Regen

Show photography: MERA (PINPIN STUDIO)

PR Management: Hardcandy&LINYA, Zozo, Flor,

Text Editor: Mint

Backstage photography: An Ran, Xiaomu, Blue Sky, Dragon Fruit, Bean Sprouts, Mint, Shan Dan, Fried Egg, ENZOFW, Shiyu, Kepler

Dress Management: Cherry Tao & Luna

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