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Legend of Sword and Wind

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The author of the legendary manga “Legend of Sword and Wind” has passed away. It has been suspended since the successor launched a new serial in September 2021. According to foreign media reports on June 7, the official announcement of the serialization of “Legend of Sword and Wind” comics Reopening, the adventure will continue from June 24th, so stay tuned.

• Kentaro Miura is a Japanese cartoonist who was born on July 11, 1966 in Chiba, Japan. Miura Kentaro’s representative works include “Wang Wang” and “Legend of Sword Wind”. Kentaro Miura once served as assistants to Miyano Shimoaki and Hara Tetsuo. Miura Kentaro constructed a tragic legend of medieval European mercenaries with heavy and solid brushstrokes in the work “Legend of the Sword Wind”. The precise psychological description and dialogue make each character flesh and blood.

• Fans expressed their thanks to the official when they heard the news, and the official explained the reason for the re-opening of the “Legend of Swordsman” comic series. Kentaro Miura had made friends with his best friend before his death, and the cartoonist Mori Heiji discussed the “Legend of Swordsman”. “The future of the story and the plot points, this re-opening of the serialization will also be supervised by Mori Heiji, and the studio composed of comic assistants who have studied under Kentaro Miura will be responsible for the painting, and the quality of the works is guaranteed. Stay tuned.


Legend of Sword and Wind

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