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LEGION OF THE DAMNED – The Poison Chalice

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LEGION OF THE DAMNED – The Poison Chalice

The Poison Chalice
(Death Metal | Thrash Metal)

Label: Napalm Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 09.06.2023

On their new album “The Poison Chalice” they LEGION OF THE DAMNED brought in reinforcements for the first time. As a new addition, guitarist Fabian Verweij (DISQUIET) as a permanent band member. Four years have passed since the last album “Slaves Of The Shadow Realms” and now aggressive Thrash with Death and Black Metal elements are waiting to unleash the beast on the new output.

“Saints In Torment” starts with a soft, dreamy guitar playing, until deep growls and fast riffing break out over you. The headbanging atmosphere is guaranteed. It continues with the dark track “Contamination” in which the new possibilities with the second guitarist are definitely exhausted. The thrashy “Progressive Destructor” interweaves heavy thrashing with modern harmonies.

With hateful vocals and fast guitar solos, “Skulls Adorn The Traitor’s Gate” is celebrated and speeded up. This is followed by the longest track on the album. “Behold The Beyond” is characterized by pounding guitar riffs and bloody double bass infernos. The brutal “Retaliation” convinces with Black & Death Metal harmonies and the track “Savage Intent” gives you a short breather. Also in the song “Chimes Of Flagellation” there is more variety between fast and slower parts that create a good tension.

In contrast, the track “Beheading Of The Godhead” seems a bit more melodic. Finally, the title track “The Poison Chalice” follows. Aggressive vocals and fast blast beats are born out of the deep darkness, making you bang along and unleash your inner moshpit.

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The new LEGION OF THE DAMNED-Album is a pretty solid one. However, the expectations of the new guitarist are a bit higher. There are some really well done tracks, but the igniting spark often dies out in the Thrash Metal blast. In contrast to the predecessor but still a musical increase.

Tracklist „The Poison Chalice“:
1. Saints In Torment
2. Contamination
3. Progressive Destructor
4. Skulls Adorn The Traitor’s Gate
5. Behold The Beyond
6. Retaliation
7. Savage Intent
8. Chimes Of Flagellation
9. Beheading Of The Godhead
10. The Poison Chalice
Total playing time: 47:50


Legion of the Damned The Poison Chalice legion of the damned The Poison Chalicelegion of the damned The Poison Chalice

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - The Poison Chalice
LEGION OF THE DAMNED – The Poison Chalice
Line Up:
Maurice Swinkels (Vocals)
Twan van Geel & Fabian Verweij (Guitar)
Harold Gielen (bass)
Eric Fleuren (drums)
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