Home Entertainment Let’s climb the wall together. Tan Jianci: I’m afraid of being called an “explosive artist”.

Let’s climb the wall together. Tan Jianci: I’m afraid of being called an “explosive artist”.

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Let’s climb the wall together. Tan Jianci: I’m afraid of being called an “explosive artist”.

Original title: Let’s climb the wall together Tan Kenji: I am afraid of being called a “celebrant artist”

Sohu Entertainment Zhuangao (Jiang Jiamin/Wen Mason/Photo) In the recently broadcasted online drama “Hunting Crime Guide”, Shen Yi, played by Tan Jianci, is a genius analog portraitist who draws portraits of suspects with a brush to assist The police have solved a complicated case one by one.

Tan Jianci feels that Shen Yi is a “evil but not dark genius”, and this role is not easy to play, “he hides a lot of things in his heart, and sometimes he may not even see it at all. So I think it is more about putting His calm, aloof, mysterious feeling was expressed.”

“Picture of Hunting Crime” is Tan Jianci’s first drama to play the male lead. He admits that he is very involved in this drama and has been immersed in a character for a long time. “Open your eyes is this role, sleep It’s still a character”, and it’s a little hard to pull away from the character even after filming. It can be seen that Tan Jianci attaches great importance to this drama, but he does not have too much pressure, “I have confidence in my performance.”

Although he came out as a boy group, Tan Jianji had a dream of being an actor since he was a child. After playing a supporting role for many years, Tan Jianci has finally taken up the banner of the male lead. Tan Jianci feels very fulfilled, “At least I didn’t break down, making everyone think that I am not suitable for this job.”

In the past year or two, Tan Jianci’s popularity has been getting higher and higher. Many people say that he is an “explosive artist”. Hearing such a title, Tan Jianci exclaimed: “I am terrified to hear such words, you know. Do you? I feel that everyone has high expectations for you, and in the end you will be particularly slapped if you don’t explode.” And Tan Jianci never thought of becoming a top-notch, “I (just) hope that I am a well-known person. artist.”

Dialogue with Kenji Tan

Shen Yi should be more popular than me, his character is more stable

Sohu Entertainment: You mentioned in the interview before that Shen Yi is actually an evil but not dark genius. How did you master this degree when you were shooting?

Tan Jianji: To be honest, this degree is actually quite difficult to find, because it is rather vague. He is not such an exposed person, he hides many things in his heart, and sometimes he may not even see it at all. So I think it is more to express his calm, arrogant and mysterious feeling.

Sohu Entertainment: Because you also said that you may still be a bit like Shen Yi, so if there is a person like Shen Yi in real life, would you be friends with him?

Tan Kenji: I think I will. I actually told Shen Yi like a screenwriter teacher, not me. I don’t actually think that I have a lot of similarities with Shen Yi, but I just said that Shen Yi gave me a very omnipotent feeling. If I have any problems, I can find Shen Yi, and he can help you solve it. So if you have such a friend by your side, of course you will be happy. If something is lost, he said that if I help you recall it, he will be able to help you find it and be a good helper in your life.

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Sohu Entertainment: Then if Shen Yi and Du Cheng insisted that you choose one friend to be your friend, who would you choose?

Tan Jianci: This is a bit difficult, so I might choose Shen Yi. I think Shen Yi spent a long time studying how to discuss the heart with others, and then how to enter the heart of others, in various ways. And then it’s more easy-going, so I think there may be no pressure to get along with. Du Cheng’s words may have to consider whether I will provoke him or make him angry when I get along with him.

Sohu Entertainment: So you think Shen Yi will understand the hearts of others better?

Tan Jianci: Yes, Shen Yi is a person who understands the hearts of men and women very well.

Sohu Entertainment: In your opinion, Shen Yi or yourself, which one will be more popular with girls?

Tan Jianci: I think it should be Shen Yi. I’m a person, I’m more of a match. Shen Yi is relatively fixed. He is a very inherent character and personality. It may be extreme, but I am more diverse. Sometimes I’m funny and outgoing, and sometimes I’m boring. When I’m boring, I may be more like Shen Yi.

Sohu Entertainment: Everyone will feel that you are very young in it, especially young. How did you embody that juvenile feeling?

Tan Kenji: Feeling like a teenager? Maybe I have it myself, I don’t know. I don’t feel like a teenager, but there may be a little bit at times.

Sohu Entertainment: Don’t all men feel that “a man is a teenager until he dies”?

Tan Jianci: That’s a mentality. Time will make your face age, and you won’t feel youthful when you age. Especially eyes, eyes can’t deceive people. If you have experienced a lot of eyes, then your eyes must have a story. Once there is a story, I think the feeling of youth will be reduced. The feeling of youth is that the eyes are clear, yes wrong?

Sohu Entertainment: Do you think your eyes are clear?

Tan Kenji: I think my eyes are the kind of clarity with a story, and a story with clarity.

Sohu Entertainment: You have actually experienced a lot?

Tan Jianji: Yes.

Sohu Entertainment: But in fact, your mentality should be quite young.

Tan Jianji: Yes, I like to keep myself simple, and I don’t want to make myself think too much.

Sohu Entertainment: I saw a tidbit, you can play all day with a piece of dough. So everyone will also say why you are so cute and soft, will you be happy when the audience praises you for being cute? Do you like when people call you cute?

Tan Kenji: I don’t like it or not. I think that people who praise me as cute must praise me because they like me, so I won’t be confused because of this. You guys like to praise me for being cute, so I’ll gladly accept it. Of course, I still like others to praise me for being handsome, right?

Sohu Entertainment: You collaborated with Jin Shijia in the play. What kind of handsome do you think you and him, or Shen Yi and Du Cheng, are?

Tan Jianci: Du Cheng is the kind of man who is very decisive and strong. The two of us are one in literature and one in martial arts, and Du Cheng belongs to the martial arts handsome. Shen Yi is a relatively gentle one. In their current words, they are more feline boyfriends, petite ones, and thinner.

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Sohu Entertainment: So Du Cheng is a canine boyfriend, right?

Tan Jianji: Yes.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you feel that he has a strong aura in front of him?

Tan Jianci: In fact, Shen Yi’s aura is not bad at all. Shen Yi’s aura is very strong. He is only very thin on the surface, but because he is calm enough, focused enough, and sure enough, he is in front of anyone. He is very stable, a very stable person, so I don’t think his aura will be lost to Du Cheng.

Sohu Entertainment: So this pair is a double-A combination?

Tan Jianci: Yes, strong alliance.

Today’s idols are much stronger than we were at the time, they know how to plan themselves

Sohu Entertainment: Then this drama is your first starring drama. Do you feel pressure in your heart?

Tan Kenji: How to say it, I attach great importance to it, but I don’t think there is any pressure. Because I have confidence in my performance, you can’t decide other things, so I think I still have confidence in saying that I attach great importance to the quality of the play and other things.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you think there will be any difference between being a leading role and playing some supporting roles before?

Tan Jianji: There will be. There will be in the level of participation, because if you play a supporting role, his drama volume may be placed there, and he will not have so many scenes, so you may play for a few days and rest for a day or two without soaking for a long time. in a character. But when you play the lead role, you will be with this character every day, you will be this character as soon as you open your eyes, you will still be this character when you sleep, and then you will have more or less shadow of this character after you finish acting. After finishing a play, it will be more difficult to withdraw from the feeling of the character.

Sohu Entertainment: In fact, you can feel that your popularity is very high now, and you will also see a lot of your pick-up videos. At which point do you think you can feel the sudden fire?

Tan Jianci: I have this feeling, and I didn’t say it was popular, that is to say, it was noticed by everyone. Maybe people didn’t pay attention to it before, but I don’t enjoy this feeling.

Sohu Entertainment: Why?

Tan Jianji: There is no freedom. I think for actors, there will be a lack of life experience. My life began to slowly change. Every word and deed are under the supervision of everyone, whether in private life, etc., everything is exposed to all people (in front of them), you can’t go there very relaxed. what. But I think, I don’t know if it’s right to say this, that is, I think actors still need to experience life more, and experience everything that must be there, and then you will know the source of all life. So now I feel like I’m missing a lot of the life I used to have, but I think this thing is…

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Sohu Entertainment: There will be gains and losses.

Tan Jianji: Yes.

Sohu Entertainment: You should think that this is something I should endure when I am popular.

Tan Jianci: The key is that I’m not red, but if I’m red, that’s fine.

Sohu Entertainment: A lot of people say that you are an artist who is about to explode, just waiting to become popular.

Tan Kenji: I was terrified to hear such a thing, you know? It just feels like everyone’s expectations for you are very high, and then in the end you will be particularly slapped if you don’t explode. Don’t say I’m going to explode, just say I’m a waiting artist and it’s over, don’t explode, the word explosion is really scary.

Sohu Entertainment: So you’re actually in a good mood, and you don’t mean what you have to do?

Tan Kenji: I really don’t need it. I never thought that I would become a so-called explosive artist, a top-notch artist, I hope I am a well-known artist. But it’s true that in real life, if you don’t explode, you don’t have a position, and you have few choices, so this is a very contradictory thing. You have to force yourself to go into business, you know? Only then may you be able to exchange some resources and publicity opportunities for yourself.

Sohu Entertainment: Now idols and idols are very windy. Do you see the shadow of yourself in those young people?

Tan Jianji: Yes, a little bit. But I think they were a lot stronger than I was back then, when I probably wasn’t as thoughtful as they were. Today’s idols, these are relatively new generation, I think they will know what they want, how to stand up, and how to make themselves better. At that time, I was more likely to bury my head and work hard. I didn’t have so many ideas about which direction (development) I wanted to go in. There was no macroscopic situation.

Sohu Entertainment: Maybe they will plan themselves better?

Tan Jianji: Yes, and they now have a more mature team to help them plan, we did not have at that time.

Sohu Entertainment: Then do you feel that you are not in good time?

Tan Kenji: These are lives, right? I don’t want to complain about these things anymore, I don’t want to think about them anymore, and I think even if I caught up, I probably wouldn’t have thought about it if I wasn’t from this era. In that era, not just me, I think a lot of people were like that. Because there was not so much media exposure at that time, we could only run announcements when we published a song, we could only run on the radio, and we could only run from north to south. It was just such a line. Now you have all kinds of social media and self-media to expose and promote yourself. That’s different. So times are different.

Sohu Entertainment: But in fact, you are developing very well now. Do you feel that you are ushering in your best era?

Tan Jianji: I think I have really found something that suits me now, that is, I like to do it, and I can take care of two games. That is to say, I can act and sing. This is the direction I can go in right now.

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