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Letteraltura “FestivalPost”: the beginning is dedicated world of culture between Intra and Argentina

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News 2021 to celebrate the 15th year of Letteraltura is «FestivalPost», the appendix to the festival that offers other appointments to deepen characters, books and themes from this weekend to the end of November at Villa Giulia in Verbania.

The festival was held in September – from 19th to 26th – but they remained to rediscover the intrese writer who emigrated to Argentina Antonio Dal Masetto and the Lombard painter Giuseppe Rinaldi (who passed through Intra). The other protagonists are contemporary (and in attendance): the former cyclist Gianni Bugno, the doctor Pietro Bartolo at the forefront of the management of migrants in Lampedusa, the writers Giulio Cavalli and Sara Fruner.

«FestivalPost was created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Letteraltura by offering other days of culture to the city – says Amadio Taddei, president of the association -. We did not want the conference on Dal Masetto to remain an isolated event and we have expanded with other initiatives in a format similar to “Waiting for Letteraltura” which had anticipated the event ».

Look to the past

Friday and Saturday are linked by a double thread Italy-Argentina and writing-painting. Friday opens at 3 pm with “Three painters between Verbano and Argentina” remembering the brothers of Caprezzo Baldassare (a pupil of Hayez and author of the “Episode of the Five Days of Milan”) and Serafino Verazzi as well as Giuseppe Rinaldi, born in 1870 in Bergamo , a nonconformist soul and who – with the exception of a parenthesis in Argentina – spent most of his life in Intra.

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For the 150th anniversary of Rinaldi’s birth, an exhibition was planned last year, then canceled due to the pandemic: it is proposed again from Friday to November 7 at Villa Giulia with about twenty paintings from private collections and 52 explanatory panels. The exhibition – introduced on Friday at 5 pm by a meeting on the painter who anticipates the cutting of the ribbon – is called “Give me the sun” which is the last sentence the artist uttered before dying.

On the other hand, the conference on Antonio Dal Masetto had been postponed twice, again due to a pandemic, rescheduled for Saturday from 2.30 pm. Under the title “It is always difficult to go home” there will be interventions to reconstruct the writer’s profile. Other external contributions are added to local contributions: Fernanda Elisa Bravo Herrera of the Argentine Institute of Literature at the University of Buenos Aires will deal with “The journey of returns and promises”, Ilaria Magnani, professor at the University of Cassino, brings the book “Sulle footsteps of wayfarer “of which she is the author and Alfredo Luis Somoza, anthropologist, will present” The breaking latest news commented by Antonio Dal Masetto journalist “. Tango interludes with Analia Claudia Gomez and Renato Pompilio are expected. Born in Intra in 1938, Dal Masetto was 12 when he emigrated to Argentina. He died in Buenos Aires in 2015 and never forgot Lake Maggiore. In 2004 Emma Lomazzi Caretti – one of the speakers on Saturday – hosted him at home in Intra.

Gianni Bugno is back

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From the past we return to the present on Sunday at 5 pm with the former cyclist Gianni Bugno (two-time world champion) and the book «To avoid falling. My life in balance »where he talks about himself and his career. November opens on the 3rd with the screening at 9 pm of the film «My masterpiece» by Gastón Duprat while on Saturday 6th at 4 pm Pietro Bartolo will present the books «Tears of salt. My daily story as a doctor from Lampedusa between pain and hope “and” The stars of Lampedusa. The story of Anila and other children who are looking for their future among us ». From 1993 to 2019 Bartolo, now MEP, was responsible for the visits of migrants who landed on the island. Following the screening of the documentary film «Fuocoammare» by Gianfranco Rosi, in which Bartolo took part.

Saturday 13 November meeting with Giulio Cavalli and the «Nuovissimo testamento» released this year, then on the 20th the aeronautical engineer Giuseppe Sala will present «The 88 temples of Shikoku» and on the 27th FestivalPost will be closed by the Trentino author Sara Fruner with «L’istante largo».

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