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Levi’s joins hands with WISDOM to create Project RE. joint program series

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Levi’s joins hands with WISDOM to create Project RE. joint program series

In order to explore more possibilities of denim fabrics, Levi’s invited the functional fashion brand WISDOM to cooperate for the first time. Under the iconic design of American classic culture and functional technology, they will jointly create a future denim universe band – RE. HEADBREAKER, and use this as a The main axis to create a sustainable exhibition was presented at the sunsun museum, and the joint project product series is expected to be officially launched on December 9.

The first wave of the physical sustainable theme exhibition uses the future denim universe band RE. HEADBREAKER to run through the brand’s own love for American classic culture and scene-type music. It imagines a cross-border and cross-border space tour, which is transformed into Presentation of visual images, using Levi’s Fresh fabrics to visualize its unique musical charm; the garage rock culture extended from the 60’s as a visual representation, in a private and low-end approachable atmosphere, with inheritance collage, deconstruction and Introducing the elements of LEVI’S and WISDOM into the technique of remanufacturing, respectively emphasizing the design of the fusion of fashionable and environmentally friendly washing technology and the functional ingenuity of urban action, with functional fabrics, rational wear logic, user experience design and other considerations to dock. It shows rich visibility, reshape the rustic tonality of Levi’s Fresh’s original natural wash color, and reflects the current progress and future blueprint of the sustainable cycle.

LEVI’S |WISDOM Project RE. Jointly planned series of products, starting with the sustainable product Fresh series launched this year, re-deconstructing the single products dyed with natural plants, and specially invited MING to draw his graffiti styles, including replaying the classic The words of the band and the brain symbolizing the wisdom image of WISDOM are anthropomorphized into a visual graphic combination – RE. HEADBREAKER, sewn on the classic replica TRUCKER jacket and cap Tee with exquisite full electric embroidery techniques, matching the color system of LEVI’S FRESH , and various details such as printing, labels, patches, buttons, and pins, add rich elements to the cooperation series, and also make the respective design styles of the brands present a perfect balance of common prosperity.

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