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Li Bingbing and Feng Shaofeng perform “Ordinary Heroes”, the movie “Ordinary Heroes” launches in Urumqi_TOM Entertainment

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Group photo of “Ordinary Heroes”

Based on the real deeds of “Rescue and Rescue the Boys with Broken Arms in Hotan, Xinjiang”, the film “Ordinary Heroes” directed by Chen Guohui and starring Li Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng and Lin Yongjian was held in Urumqi, Xinjiang on September 15 to announce the official launch of the film! On the same day, Tian Wen, member of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, Ren Yanbin, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, Yu Dong, vice chairman of the Chinese Film Association and chairman of Bona Pictures Group Co., Ltd., and Party Secretary of Xinjiang Branch of China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. , Deputy General Manager Wang Man, Tianshan Film Studio Director Gao Huanggang, and the film “Ordinary Heroes” chief producer Li Jingdu attended the press conference, starring Li Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng, Lin Yongjian and many other prototype characters in the rescue incident. Make an appearance on the stage and pay tribute to every ordinary hero who participated in the relay of life with a movie!

Heroic things for ordinary people! Bona Pictures wants to “let the world see the power of Chinese national unity”

The movie “Ordinary Hero” is adapted from the real deeds of “Rescue and Rescue Boys with Broken Arms in Hotan, Xinjiang”. It tells the story of a 7-year-old boy who had accidentally broken his arm and completed emergency treatment across 1,400 kilometers in the golden eight hours. In this relay of life, there are traffic police who clear the way; there are airport management who urgently contact the aircraft dispatch; there are unprecedented crew members who let the plane “turn around” and open the door twice; there are passengers who voluntarily give up their seats; there are all night. The doctors who are not sleeping at any time waiting for the operation…It is their concerted efforts to continue life and make miracles happen. The film focuses on every ordinary hero who participated in the rescue. It aims to show the kindness and great love of Xinjiang people. It is also a true portrayal of Xinjiang’s social stability, long-term stability and people’s happy life.

Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Pictures Group, said that Bona Pictures has always been committed to creating high-quality film works in the Acura era and recording the era, and is committed to paying attention to and paying tribute to ordinary heroes in all walks of life. From the firefighters in “Heroes of Fire”, to the crew members in “Chinese Captain”, to the medical workers in “Chinese Doctor”, to the traffic police, flight attendants, doctors and other professions in “Ordinary Hero” Workers, “They are all mortals who work silently in ordinary positions like you and me, and they are also heroes who stand up to protect us in times of crisis. This kind of courage, kindness and boundless love are carved in the bones and blood of the Chinese nation. Genes are also the foundation for our country to stand firm. We will go all out to shoot the best works, let the world see the real Xinjiang, see these ordinary and great heroes in Xinjiang, and see the strength of Chinese national unity. In the days to come, Bona Pictures will do its utmost to contribute to Xinjiang’s film industry, sing the great beauty of Xinjiang with outstanding film works, and do its part for national unity.”

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Tian Wen, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and Minister of the Propaganda Department, also gave high hopes to the filming of the film. She said that this rescue incident embodies the value concept of “life first, people first” and the Chinese Communists’ “people-centered” philosophy. The pursuit of value, “I hope to tell the story well through the art form of film, so that the world can see the beauty and goodness of China’s Xinjiang, as well as the true feelings of ethnic unity and brotherhood.”

“Hero Series” upgrade! Li Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng, Lin Yongjian, and his sincere interpretation of “ordinary heroes”

The movie “Ordinary Hero” is the second part of the “Hero” series following Director Chen Guohui’s “Heroes of Fire”, which won a double harvest in the box office in 2019. This time he will focus on the perspective from “the most dangerous profession in peaceful times to ordinary people.” After the “rescue and rescue of the boy with a broken arm in Hetian, Xinjiang” incident was reported by the news, he immediately came to Xinjiang, conducted in-depth interviews with every prototype character in the rescue operation, and unearthed more moving details behind the news report. It also stimulated the desire to create as a filmmaker. Subsequently, Bona Pictures invited you Xiaoying, the screenwriter of the movie “My Sister”, as the screenwriter, and Li Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng, and Lin Yongjian as the starring roles. The production has been fully upgraded and strives to bring the audience. Come to a work with thrilling scenes, true plots, and delicate and moving emotions.

On the same day, the protagonists of the film also shared their true feelings at the press conference. Several actors unanimously said that when they first heard about the rescue incident, they were “very worried and got goose bumps.” Li Bingbing said that the reason why this incident touched so many people was first because of the truth, and the second was the kindness and solidarity shown by everyone in the incident and the whole society. “There is nothing more than love and truth. It can shock the soul.” Feng Shaofeng said frankly that as an actor, it is a great honor to have the opportunity to interpret a “hero” in real life. After learning about the rescue incident, I was deeply impressed by these “ordinary heroes”. Moved, “The first time I came to Xinjiang, I was deeply moved by the stories here and the people here. I will try my best to act this movie well to impress more people.” Lin Yongjian even sang “Love” at the scene. “Dedication”, in order to express my love for this story, “must act well and live up to the contributions of every ordinary hero.”

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In the film, the “Broken Arm Boy” is played by the 6-year-old Xinjiang actor Perman Parehati, and his brother is played by the young actor Alfan Aizezi from Urumqi, Xinjiang. The “brothers” joined hands at the press conference that day. Alphan Aizezi said frankly: “The first film in my life was a story related to my hometown. I am very honored. I will work hard to complete my task and act this movie well so that the world can see us. The beauty of Xinjiang, I see so many lovely and respectable people in my hometown, Xinjiang.”

Prototype surprise appeared! “Ordinary heroes” said “We just did what we should do”

A short video was played at the press conference that day. Several prototype characters who participated in the rescue reviewed the thrilling relay rescue process in the short film. During the period, they wept several times. The true emotions they showed deeply moved everyone on the scene. personal. Subsequently, the police from the Traffic Police Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Hotan County, Mamatiabura Maitiruzi, the cabin crew chief of the Xinjiang branch of China Southern Airlines, Zhao Yan, the orthopedic surgeon Li Li of the Chinese Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Xinjiang Medical University, and the flight department of China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch 737 2nd. Captain Tang Huizhong, and Tian Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Hotan Airport, as the prototype figures involved in the rescue also took the stage to share their feelings with several actors.

Zhao Yan, cabin crew chief of the Xinjiang branch of China Southern Airlines, said that every time she recalled that rescue, it was difficult to control the excitement. “What my colleagues and I did was to work together to buy time and take the whole relay race. ‘Go to finish the run in the shortest time. I hope this movie can show the process of everyone’s collective efforts, so that more people can feel its truth and feel its love.” Li Li, an orthopedic surgeon at the Affiliated Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, shared with everyone the latest developments of the “Broken Arm Boy”: “The bones have grown, and the elbow can be moved. With the attention of all walks of life, everything is improving. He said that he just did what he should do. “The doctor’s vocation is to treat diseases and save people. As long as we can help our children keep this arm, we will try our best to seize it even if there is a chance.” Party Secretary and General Manager of Hotan Airport Tian Wei also said: “We ordinary people do very ordinary things, but we did these ordinary things, and finally helped a child to save the arm. This is our happiest thing.”

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The true feelings of several prototype characters touched every actor on the scene. Li Bingbing said that he could not wait to communicate with the flight attendant Zhao Yan, “I want to know what happened during the two hours on the plane, you guys. It’s really amazing.” Feng Shaofeng said that he also has many doctor friends in his life. He knows that doctors work hard, but only after he has really shaped the role of a doctor did he realize how hard a doctor is. I also hope that through this movie, more people will fall in love with Xinjiang and come to Xinjiang.” Lin Yongjian gave Tian Wei a thumbs up: “You are handsome and cool!”

The movie “Ordinary Hero” was produced by Bona Pictures Group Co., Ltd., Tianshan Film Studio, and China Southern Airlines Group Co., Ltd., and adapted from real deeds, it will truly present a race against time to rescue children with severed arms. In this 8-hour life relay spanning 1,400 kilometers, people from all walks of life in Xinjiang, including doctors, crews, passengers, and police, worked together to create a life miracle that challenged the limit of time and composed an ordinary hero. Hymn. The film is directed by Chen Guohui, starring Li Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng, and Lin Yongjian. It will be officially launched in Urumqi, Xinjiang on September 15, 2021, paying tribute to every ordinary hero who has stood up to protect others!


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