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Li Jingyu: How much do you know about the CCP factors behind Wang Xiaofei’s divorce? | One in each table | Little Pink

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“”Wang Xiaofei divorced from Big S. In fact, the marriage of the silver couple was on the rocks as early as June this year. At that time, Wang Xiaofei flew to Xiamen because of a COVID-19 confirmed person in Taiwan. The use and slander of, after seeing it for so many years, I really can’t bear it. According to my Beijinger, a bunch of big silly people, this group of traitors must be remembered in the history books.”

This message was interpreted as abusive to the Taiwanese, and the result was so angry that the two had a dispute. Later, the media asked Big S’s opinion about Wang’s speech. She said that she was going through the divorce procedures, which caused an uproar at that time.

CCP factors in cross-strait marriages

In fact, there are still great difficulties in cross-strait marriage operations. The specific reasons for the separation are different for each couple. However, it is generally believed that the root cause of the breakdown of cross-strait marriages is still the so-called political factor. To put it bluntly, it is the CCP factor. For example, in June, Wang Xiaofei posted an article on Weibo, denounced Taiwanese as “big silly x” and “traitor”. Although he repeatedly revised and deleted these cursing words, the harm had already been done.

Shanghai Internet celebrity Fan Jin (ad girl) who married to Taiwan believes that it is not the first time that Wang Xiaofei has scolded a Taiwanese in her eleven-year marriage: “With Wang Xiaofei’s personality, I don’t believe that he was just posting on Weibo to scold him. My wife and my wife’s family members should not be less scolded. In addition, some of the things that Wang Xiaofei said against the Taiwanese group on many occasions actually scolded her own wife.”

Fan Jin points out the big S thought, “She is dark blue, which does not mean that she can ignore the land where she grew up and the relatives and friends she has known since childhood. In the eyes of the Red School, the Republic of China has died a long time ago, but she is still alive. In the heart of the person in our spouse column, he even lives in their passport.”

“One China, each table” focuses on respecting each other’s positions

“For them, the Republic of China is a real existence. You deny everything related to Taiwan for anti-Taiwan independence, and indirectly deny her. She is your wife. You think you are just talking about political defense of the dignity of the People’s Republic of China. Benefits, in fact, you are hurting her.” The young girl in the advertisement believes that the cross-strait marriage is actually a kind of “one China, each show”, and the key point is whether they are willing to respect each other’s positions.

Obviously, Wang Xiaofei’s “little pink” criticism is a manifestation of party culture formed under the CCP’s long-term “party-state unity” education. Specifically, this kind of thinking is completely disrespectful and does not allow anyone to have ideas that are inconsistent with it.

For example, in the so-called “one country, two systems”, the voices in Taiwan who agree with one country, two systems believe that this “one country” is expressed by the Republic of China or the People’s Republic of China; however, it is clear that in the minds of mainland people who have received education from the party state, this country is the CCP and has not stayed. Give any space to the Republic of China. It is true that the vast majority of Taiwanese cannot accept the definition of “one country” with no leeway.

Who is to blame for the global COVID-19 outbreak?

Furthermore, Wang Xiaofei scolded the Taiwanese who were diagnosed with flew to Xiamen, but why did he dare not scold the CCP for concealing the epidemic. During the period of the Communist Party’s inaction, nearly five million people from Wuhan moved to all parts of the country and even the world due to the Spring Festival, which led to a full-scale epidemic at home and abroad. break out! So far, more than 258 million people have been infected, and more than 5.17 million people have lost their lives!

The Communist Party knew clearly that the epidemic had occurred at the end of 2019, but by mid-January 2020, the Chinese Communist Party reported that it still insisted that there was no human-to-human transmission, which was preventable and controllable. During this period, the Baibuting community in Wuhan also held a “Wanjia Banquet” which led to the large-scale spread of the epidemic. The CCP had to close Wuhan on January 23. At this time, more than a month had passed since the outbreak, and the golden epidemic prevention period was missed. A study by the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom pointed out that if mainland China launches anti-epidemic operations three weeks earlier, the global pandemic can be reduced by 95%! The original culprit of this outbreak is the Communist Party!

Worried about ideological control and education, keeping away from the party-state system and making the best solution

According to reports, the reasons for the conflict between Wang Xiaofei and Big S are also the problems of children’s education and living environment. Today, on November 24th, the “Freedom Times” just reported that the prestigious Peking University established four Xi Jinping Thought Research Centers for the leader of Xi Jinping. In an ordinary democratic society, the academic hall is independent of politics. However, in mainland China, the CCP’s ideological control work has been carried out throughout the education process.

Previously, the Chinese Communist authorities included Xi’s thought as a compulsory course in high schools, junior high schools and elementary schools, and every week they learned “Xi Jinping’s New Era Socialism Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics Students’ Book”. This also makes Taiwanese parents unacceptable. The ad girl once said: “Wang Xiaofei’s mother said on the live broadcast that her son was very patriotic, and she would ask the child where you are from; in fact, the big S mother also mentioned before that the ideological education of patriotism to the child is not appropriate, and it’s Taipei. More suitable for children to grow up.”

The rich and young in capital like Wang Xiaofei grew up in the party-state education system. It is normal to think that the state and the party are basically the same concept, and it is normal to be unable to distinguish between the CCP and China. In the overwhelming political propaganda environment of Mainland China, everyone is the CCP’s survivor, regardless of rich or poor. Not only is the body not free, but the mind is also controlled.

Regarding not being physically free, you may need to explain. In mainland China, most people seem to be free, but they may evaporate if they accidentally step on the red line. Therefore, everyone will silently censor themselves, and will not listen or say or read information that the government does not like; this kind of “freedom” is not true freedom. Taiwan’s Chief Executive Su Zhenchang said recently that the richest person in mainland China disappeared overnight, and the most beautiful actress has disappeared for a few months. It seems that no matter how rich he is, “I would rather be free in Taiwan, and everyone is happy.” .

Finally, I wish the big S and his children stay away from the influence of the Communist Party, and the sky will be brighter; more importantly, I also wish Wang Xiaofei and thousands of mainland compatriots to realize that the Chinese Communist Party is not equal to a five-thousand-year cultural China. The CCP government only values ​​its own power. It has killed, killed, and killed all the way since its establishment. According to the estimates of the Nine Commentaries, it has killed about 80 million Chinese people! It does not value the lives of the people at all. The people are the objects that can be sacrificed at any time. Maintaining the stability of the regime is the sole purpose of the Communist Party. How can such a regime last?

This article only represents the author’s views and statements.

(Reposted from The Epoch Times/Editor in Charge: Liu Mingxiang)

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