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Li Ning brand signed China’s first female Rapper VaVa Mao Yanqi to continue to explode the national tide jqknews

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Li Ning brand signed China’s first female Rapper VaVa Mao Yanqi to continue to explode the national tide jqknews

On April 12, 2022, Li-Ning brand official announced Zhongmeng Music (DMG) artist VaVa Mao Yanqi became Li-Ning’s street culture promotion ambassador. Li Ning officially made an official announcement——


[email protected] Officially join the Li Ning family and become the #VAVALi NingStreet Culture Promotion Ambassador#! Explore the endless possibilities of street culture!

VaVa Mao Yanqi is wearing Li Ning’s anti-Wu BADFIVE spring and summer new products, strolling leisurely on the romantic and beautiful coconut grove beach, her eyes are firm and uninhibited, and the trendy charm of cool, refreshing, confident and bright from the inside out is eye-catching.

  More trendy! More burning! More attitude!

   National trend brand Li Ning signs with China’s first female Rapper VaVa Mao Yanqi

This is a further in-depth cooperation between VaVa Mao Yanqi and Li Ning brand after attending the China Lining 21 autumn and winter trend release show and China Lining 22 spring and summer trend music festival. When the national trend pioneer meets China’s first female Rapper, it is bound to collide. The unique trend and cultural spark that is exclusive to this era conveys the brand cultural power that is more trendy, more burning and more attitude.

VaVa Mao Yanqi, who is recognized by the industry as the first female rapper in China, has a rich emotional, powerful attitude and explosive musical works. Songs such as “Life’s a struggle” and “My New Clothes” are very popular. With the powerful rap music strength, the tenacity and upward spirit of breaking through oneself, the distinctive personality of self-confidence and bravery, and the blessing of fashionable and cool appearance, VaVa Mao Yanqi is deeply loved by the public and favored by the market.

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Last year, VaVa Mao Yanqi won the “Most Popular Female Rap Singer” award at the QQ Music Fusion Hip-Hop Awards, the most authoritative and influential rap festival in China. She is also currently ranked first in China in terms of mainstream stage exposure and commercial value. The female rapper has frequently appeared on official platforms such as CCTV, Hunan Satellite TV, and Dragon TV. She has been photographed in global fashion magazines constantly, and has established a good and continuous relationship with first-line brands at home and abroad.

This time, Li Ning chose to continue to join hands with VaVa Mao Yanqi for brand promotion, showing the brand strength and youthfulness with the leaders of the trendy cultural circle, which also means that the national trendy brand represented by Li Ning is continuing to focus on China, which has strong development potential. Rap culture.

  Dream Music DMG joins hands with Li Ning brand

   Explore the infinite possibilities of trendy culture and work together to enhance business value

In the new consumption environment of the national trend, China is becoming a new trendy cultural highland, especially the development momentum of Chinese rap is the most violent and dazzling. The rise of Chinese rap culture, which keeps pace with the times and incorporates China’s broad and profound ideological connotations, has also rapidly spawned a more fashionable young lifestyle and new market opportunities.

Brands are exploring in the wave of popular culture, and trendy rap music with both appealing and expressive functions is precisely one of the best ways to communicate with current brands and young people. As a top Chinese rap musician, VaVa Mao Yanqi has an artistic attitude of pursuing the ultimate and distinctive trend attributes. It is not limited to the sensory aesthetic sharing of popular clothes, but can also interpret Li Ning’s trend series from a deeper spiritual concept level. BADFIVE’s brand proposition.

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Empowering business through trendy culture is also the development concept of VaVa Mao Yanqi’s label, Zhongmeng Music. Dream Music, which has always maintained a close cooperative relationship with the Li-Ning brand, is leading the in-depth development of Chinese trendy culture, and empowers business partners with the attention and traffic of young people through trendy music festivals and performances.

While ensuring the stable development of artist brokerage, music copyright, music production, live performance and other businesses, Dream Music continues to expand the track, accelerate the layout of the entire industry chain, and expand its business to offline chain trend entertainment complexes and trendy cultural towns , fashion clothing, fashion play and other new consumption fields, rooted in the local culture inward, showing huge popularity and growth outward. In 2022, we will join hands with the Li Ning brand again, follow the fashionable footsteps of VaVa Mao Yanqi, explore the infinite possibilities of trendy culture, and work together to enhance commercial value.

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