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Li Randi: I hope fans are a straightforward and objective mirror

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Li Randi: I hope fans are a straightforward and objective mirror

How to become a good actor is a question that Li Randi, the 22-year-old actor, has been thinking about since entering the industry. In an exclusive interview with a reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily, Li Randi said that she has always hoped that fans will become her own “mirror”, with an upright and objective face, so that she can see her mirror more clearly and “show my problems”. In her understanding, fans should be the driving force to help actors grow.

In 2009, Li Randi, who was only 10 years old, starred in his first movie “Love You Who Lost To Who”, and thus entered the film and television industry. In 2017, with the role of “Yu Zhou Zhou” in the youth school drama “Hello, Old Times”, Li Randi won a very high popularity and gained many fans. Nowadays, there are many other films and television works on her resume, such as “Secret Fruit”, “Love”, “Ideal Shines in China“, “Don’t Want to Disturb My Study” and so on.

Li Randi said that she wants to be an actor who “has a design in performance and can interpret it naturally.” Since most of the roles played in the early days were students, and he was close to his personal state at the time, Li Randi could act very naturally. “But after entering university, I took on a lot of roles that were very different from myself, and I can no longer use my own character background and way of thinking to play.” Li Landi believes that when interpreting roles that are very different from the self-state, it is necessary to combine rationality and Combination of sensibility, and experience is the best teacher. Interpreting a mature role requires life experience as a foreshadowing, in order to interpret the heavy feeling of the role.

After shaping the image of many students, the two dramas “Don’t Want to Disturb My Study” and “Who Isn’t Me” are the beginning of Li Randi’s challenge to the role of the workplace. She watched a lot of film and television works showing women in the workplace, actively consulted the professional women around her, and figured out their daily style and way of thinking.

In the recently broadcasted TV series “Who Give Me Someone” with the theme of Go culture, Li Randi played the role of a newcomer in the workplace and a video reporter “Cheng Le”.

In order to interpret the role of a reporter well, Li Landi pondered and referred to the status of the reporter interviewing her. “Some reporters are accustomed to looking at the interview outline during interviews. After you have answered the question, continue to read the next question and will not interact or communicate with you.” Li Landi feels that although this interview method is relatively “rigid”, it is in the process. It is quite applicable to the characters. “She started as a choreographer and didn’t know much about the work of reporters. Her interviews were like quick questions and answers, and they were indeed like some reporters interviewing me.”

On weekdays, Li Landi enjoys campus time very much and also likes to record life. On Weibo, her Vlog meticulously and vividly recorded the study and life at the Central Academy of Drama: class, rehearsal, fitness, walking… Li Randi likes to observe others, “You can present at most a few kinds of living conditions, and There are all kinds of people around you, and their thinking and working styles are very different.” Li Landi hopes to incorporate the personalities of the people around him into the role, and present a different level in the performance.

In the school, Li Randi would go to the school theater to watch the performances of the brothers and sisters whenever he had time. She and her classmates often rehearse domestic classic plays, and we work together to study how to restore the characters and prepare props suitable for the scene. “We repeatedly squeeze the characters in the play, such as walking a few steps, when to turn around… to the exact point of each action. I think this rigor is to accumulate experience for us to have better performances in the future.”

Li Randi, who is about to graduate from Zhongxi in a year, currently has the biggest wish: to complete a graduation show with his classmates. Li Landi said that he would like to try acting in drama in the future. “The experience is not the same as acting in film and television dramas, acting in dramas is very enjoyable”.

China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Shen Jiequn, trainee reporter Li Danping Source: China Youth Daily

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