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Li Youbin: You can’t put too much emphasis on actors and heroes are really worthy of publicity_Sina News

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Original title: Li Youbin: Don’t take actors too seriously, heroes are really worthy of publicity

(Observer Network News) “I will not participate in variety shows, not to mention reality shows, I think actors are acting” “Some young actors (in the show) paint their faces so white that they are neither male nor female, This is so scary, it has taken the children out…”

Recently, when he was a guest on the CCTV movie channel “Blue Feather Reception Room”, “Old Opera Bone” Li Youbin talked about his views on actors participating in variety shows. In this interview, he also talked about his views on the profession of actors, thinking that he could not The actors are too important. Sometimes they just acted as a big man. It is the real heroes who deserve to be promoted.

On October 2, “Life and Death Strike” starring the national first-class actor Li Youbin was launched on the video platform. The film reproduced a period of prosperous anti-Japanese war. According to @中国电影报today (10th), Li Youbin talked about new dramas when he was a guest in “Blue Feather Reception Room” recently, and revealed that his long casting criteria must be a certain degree of difficulty, age must not be too jumpy, You can’t choose a play that is not suitable for you.

Subsequently, the topic turned to the views of today’s entertainment industry, such as the phenomenon of number girls, rice circles, actors participating in variety shows and so on.

Li Youbin introduced that he encountered a similar “Miss/Mr. Number” when he was filming in nine years. At that time, he was confused. The reason was that both parties acted and the opponent wanted to convey information to you, but as soon as the numbers came out, you didn’t know. What does the other party mean, Li Youbin said bluntly, “This shouldn’t, indeed shouldn’t. The lines involve all the behaviors and actions of your character, including your emotions. Anyway, we are more accustomed to saying lines, and we are wrong. Then do it again, until it’s accurate.”

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When the host asked his opinion about participating in variety shows, Li Youbin immediately replied, “No (participating), I don’t like it either. I think actors are acting. (I feel like going to a variety show) I’m sorry, this age participates in variety shows. “He added that even when he was young, he wouldn’t participate in it, let alone a reality show.

Li Youbin thinks that some young actors (maybe) can’t do anything about it, “They (maybe also) run for money, and they give money again.” However, Li Youbin still thinks it’s not appropriate for actors to participate in variety shows. It’s very white. It’s scary. It’s not a man or woman. It’s so scary that it’s spoiled the children.”

When talking about the prevailing “rice circle” culture and the phenomenon that fans “work hard” for idols, Li Youbin said that he didn’t really understand this, but only knew what the fans meant. When the host explained to him that it was a kind of “organization” “At that time, Li Youbin said bluntly that all organizations must be under the leadership of the Communist Party. “It can’t be foolish. Isn’t it being rectified now? If it is not rectified, it is really impossible and messy.”

So, in Li Youbin’s eyes, what should a real actor be like? Should it be “confessed”?

As we all know, Li Youbin has played many heroes before. He took himself as an example and said, “We are just playing a (big) figure, like space heroes and Meng Wanzhou who returned home two days ago. People are heroes. Pay more attention to those. What kind of heroes are actors who have great feats? What can be promoted? I don’t think actors can be made too important.”

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Li Youbin pointed out that we should vigorously promote those who have made contributions to the country and the nation, and we should promote good spirits and good works so that young people can learn more about history through these. “Every country and nation must have a spirit of heroism. The Chinese nation must also have this spirit of heroism, because heroism is also an eternal theme.”

At the end of August, at the China Federation of Literary and Art Workers’ Professional Ethics and Work Style Construction Symposium, Li Youbin also talked about the necessity of “patriotism education.” In terms of patriotism education is the most important, “patriotism education is a bottom line.” Li Youbin said that they must understand what the mission of actors is, actors must serve the country, serve the nation, and serve the people.

Li Youbin believes that young actors must establish a correct outlook on life and learn more about China’s history, such as the War of Liberation, the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, and the War of Resistance against US Aggression and Aid Korea.

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