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Li Yundi disappeared for nearly 3 months after being arrested, and his father was fined a huge sum | Li Yundi | Piano Prince | Li Chuan

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[Epoch Times, January 10, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Li Yundi, known as the “Piano Prince”, has been completely banned by the CCP for nearly three months after he broke the “prostitution” incident. A few days ago, Lu Media revealed that his father Li Chuan’s company was also under investigation and was forced to pay a fine of more than 2.8 million yuan (RMB).

According to the “Tianyancha” app, Li Yundi’s father, Li Chuan, invested in “Shanghai Yunchuan Music Studio” in 2016. He is mainly responsible for the planning of film and television dramas, stage plays, cultural and artistic activities, and music creation. The company is 100% controlled by Li Chuan. The company was recently imposed a fine of 2,813,377 yuan by the relevant court.

Although the official did not announce the reason for the penalty, outsiders speculated that Li Chuan might have been implicated by his son Li Yundi.

On the evening of October 21 last year, an official of the Chaoyang Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Communist Party of China reported on the micro-organization that 39-year-old Li Yundi had been administratively detained by the branch for prostitution.

As soon as the news came out, many state media of the Chinese Communist Party quickly encircled and suppressed, verbal and penalized, and many CCP institutions or government departments related to Li Yundi expressed their views to “cut”. For example, the Chinese Musicians Association canceled Li Yundi’s membership, and the China Performance Industry Association issued The announcement required member units to boycott Li Yundi’s career. Sichuan Conservatory of Music, his alma mater, removed the “Li Yundi Piano Studio” brand, and the Guangzhou Municipal Government of the Communist Party of China terminated the hiring of Li Yundi as the “Guangzhou City Image Spokesperson”.

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Current political commentator Zhou Xiaohui said that from the immediate response of the Chinese Communist Party’s official media and the unanimous attack on tarts and the rapid rush of news, it is obvious that the authorities have arranged a unified action in advance, and such operations are common in many popular events in the past, and behind the scenes. It’s not simple.

After Li Yundi was arrested, his related works were “taken off the shelves of the whole network”, and related introductions and shots of participating programs were mosaicked or directly deleted. And brands such as “Samsung”, “Rolex”, and “Great Wall Motors” that he said in recent times have also “cut” with him. Some analysts pointed out that Li Yundi, whose career was completely destroyed, not only faced a huge breach of contract fee, but also his father was implicated in a huge fine.

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