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“Libri in Nizza” closes with Afghanistan and the tragedy of Eternity

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The review ends with two important events “Books in Nice”, which this year was made in a different formula (due to Covid), but has not lost the enamel and the desire to tell and listen that had characterized the previous editions. The organizers’ choice was to animate the whole city for four weekends, also making people discover “hidden” places, such as the beautiful library room of the NS delle Grazie Institute, usually closed to the public, or the charm of the Salone Bersano or the spaces of the Cantina Sociale.

Today, Saturday 4 December, at 6 pm at the Auditorium della Trinità (via Pistone), an appointment with the writer Giorgio Bona that will present “From Here to Eternity” the novel on asbestos in Casale (editions Writing pure). Bona (living in Frascaro, Alessandrino) will be interviewed by the show’s organizer, journalist and writer. Fulvio Gatti. The novel on the events of Eternity “comes from a substrate of memories and memories of the author, from life stories of friends and people met over time”, but also from careful research on the history of the Casalese factory that has left a trail of tragedies .

Also at the Trinity, at 9 pm, the grand finale with the journalist and writer Domenico Quirico, with a very topical «Conversation on Afghanistan» and previews of the upcoming book “Farewell to Kabul”. He will talk to him Eugenio Carena. The seats are already sold out, but if someone wants to try their luck, they can present themselves (with green pass), in case other spectators have given up.

Quirico, correspondent of «La Stampa», has always been on the side of the «last» and knows how to tell with great preparation but above all with the ability to arouse emotions. His latest work “Goodbye Kabul” (Neri Pozza) which is coming out these days is dedicated to Afghanistan and tonight’s conversation will help to understand the hidden sides of the political and human turning point of the country.

With these events “Libri in Nizza” concludes: an itinerant edition of not easy realization, which saw the Department of Culture of the Municipality at work with the Accademia de l’Erca and the Library and was able to count on the help of many volunteers. Satisfied Fulvio Gatti, president of L’Erca (with Antonella Cavallo he curated the festival): “We chose a non-obvious program and the topics covered were many – he indicates – with authors in some cases less known to the public who, however, made us wander over many topics, from climate change to ecological transition, to literature scientific and more traditional “. Many pieces of a mosaic that captured the attention of young people (particularly appreciated the interventions by Vera Gheno e Gabriella Greison) and avid readers (for example with a full house for Michela Marzano and Diego De Silva). Also enjoyed the treasure hunt curated by Francesca Pero and Elisa Piano, a way to discover Nicese history by solving puzzles, or the applauded encounter with Simona Ameglio and Maria Adelaide Gallina on “People, processes and inclusive contexts” with the work of the children of the Cisa Sud day center.

The commissioner Weather in Ausilia Quaglia he remembers in particular “the interest aroused by Piero Dorfles, with his book dedicated to the meaning of reading” and thanks, precisely for the organizational difficulties due to Covid, the work of the Pellati boys, coordinated by Emanuela Verri and those of the civil service in the Library and the collaboration of Maurizio Martino. Concluding with a thought: “This review, in my opinion, has achieved the goal of promoting curiosity and doubts”.

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