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Life and Death Sniper of the Cops: A Thrilling Battle Against Drug Lords and ‘Naked Loan’ Scams

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Life and Death Sniper of the Cops: A Thrilling Battle Against Drug Lords and ‘Naked Loan’ Scams

“Men of Life and Death Sniper” Set to Release on iQIYI Video

Beijing, China – The highly anticipated film “Men of Life and Death Sniper” is set to release exclusively on iQIYI Video on July 31. Directed by Xie Yihang, supervised by Chung Shao-hsiung, and produced by Du Qiao, the film stars Xiaoguang and Zhang He as the leading actors, with Liang Jinghui making a special appearance.

The film tells the thrilling story of special police captain Qin Feng and police officer Song Yehao as they join forces to capture the notorious drug leader Jiangtouzun. In a life-and-death battle, the duo must navigate personal emotional grievances and uphold social justice while never losing sight of their original intentions. The film recently received a nomination for Best Online Film at the 3rd Asian International Youth Film Festival (AIYFF), where producer Du Qiao won the prestigious Best Producer Award.

“Men of Life and Death Sniper” sheds light on the dark underworld of naked loan scams within the context of the anti-drug police force. The film showcases intense action scenes, including hand-to-hand combat, gun battles, and explosive sequences. It also portrays the sacrifices and dedication of the anti-drug special police and their families, revealing the true hardships behind their valiant efforts to protect society from the drug menace.

Producer Du Qiao’s outstanding work on “Men of Life and Death Sniper” was recognized at the AIYFF, further adding to the anticipation surrounding the film. Jointly produced by several production companies, including Hubei Cultural Industry Development Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Maoyan Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Beijing Intercontinental Brothers Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., the film will be exclusively broadcast on iQIYI Video starting July 31.

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Fans of action-packed thrillers and stories of bravery can look forward to the release of “Men of Life and Death Sniper” on iQIYI Video. Stay tuned for all the excitement and suspense that this film brings to the screen.

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