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Light Novel: The Silent Classmate Raisu Volume 2 Illustration Raisu-Classmate Wants to Fall in Love

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Light Novel: The Silent Classmate Raisu Volume 2 Illustration Raisu-Classmate Wants to Fall in Love

Original title: Light Novel: The Silent Raisu-san Volume 2 Illustration Raisu-san wants to fall in love

Light novels with good reviews and popularity“The silent classmate Lai Su is full of love”Welcome to the second volume! In the new semester that will be ushered in this volume, can Raisu, who has been specially trained by the male lead in the new class, integrate into it? Let’s chat!

Let’s talk about the cover of the second volume first. Same as the first volume, this time the heroine Lai Su is still on the cover. After all, this is a light novel, mouthless and white-haired JK, which fully conforms to the tastes and preferences of the current two-dimensional audience. To be honest, I started reading this light novel after reading the cover illustration. But let me tell you, this cover is cuter than the previous one!

First, let’s talk about the specific story introduction and plot direction:

High school student Ritsu Hayaki, who can hear the voices of others, has also ended the special training for Raisu to improve his interpersonal skills, from a wonderful teacher-student relationship to an equal friend relationship. On the other hand, the new school year has begun, and the classes have been reassigned, and Kirizaki Ryane and Hinamori Sakura have also entered the new class.

It would be great to be able to get along with Kasuga-san in the future…hehe! “

Kaizumi still confided in his heart unexpectedly as always, making the male protagonist feel shy. Since Raisu had just made his debut and had just changed to a new class, the male protagonist often secretly observes the situation of the battle, and does not miss the opportunity to help.

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“”The current Ritsu is like a father protecting his daughter, protecting Raisu-kun! ” – Ryane Kirisaki

Although classmate Lai Qi had already graduated from the male protagonist, she still went back to the male protagonist’s room to play on her off days, and the distance between the two was getting closer and closer.

It’s a lie that you have an older girlfriend, right??”Because of the distance between the male protagonist and Kazui classmate, in order to avoid troublesome lies, Ryane discovered!? Facing each other’s questions, how should the male protagonist deal with it?

Lai Qi also began to think about the relationship with the male protagonist. He used to be a master who learned interpersonal communication, but now he is a partner who often helps himself and plays together. So, what do you really want in a relationship?

In order to get closer to the male protagonist, she finally decided to start a new action (starting by collecting information on the male protagonist)!

Well, today’s light novel is recommended here, let’s see you next time!

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