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Like coffee, the book also becomes “suspended” and the culture is shared

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Following the idea of ​​the “suspended coffee”, a Neapolitan custom, the Cherasco library has created “The suspended book shelf”, a proposal for free sharing of texts of all literary genres, from fiction, to thrillers, to historical novels or even recipe books, poetry books, magazines.

The person in charge is Barbara Davico: «The initiative was born with the aim of creating a virtuous circle of love for reading, making the engine of our mind grow: culture. Users who wish to do so can pay homage to the libraries of their texts, if they are not already supplied they are cataloged and made available for loan, if they are already present they will help feed the shelf located in the hallway of the civic library in via Monte di Pietà. . Children, teenagers, adults can take one or more books that are on the shelf, take them home, read them and share them with other people, turn them around and in turn leave one or more texts on the shelf. The service is free, you are not required to return the books as they are released from the library loan “.

Another idea developed and put into practice by the library is «The wish list», for children and adults, in which users can write the texts they would like to read or recommend for purchase.

“During the pandemic, the love for reading was rediscovered – adds Barbara Davico – and we have a curious coincidence: in 2021 the number of loans between Cherasco and the Roreto office was 9552. The number of inhabitants of the city updated to December 31 is 9465. So we have a book for every citizen ». In the library of Cherasco there are almost 24,000 volumes for a number of members equal to 1177.

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