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Liliana Fedeli, local history given voice in Cipolletti – Diario RÃo Negro

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Liliana Fedeli, local history given voice in Cipolletti – Diario RÃo Negro

“Microhistory studies the past from the point of view of the small community, be it a village, a street or a family. “It is in close connection with anthropology and sociology,” he explained. this teacher, born in Cipollettiwhich for so many years has been struggling to disseminate and delve deeper into its own past, that of its city. Liliana Fedeli is this Valletana, received from the National University of Comahuewho shared the wealth of his knowledge in the radio column “Echoes of History”, by LU19during 2023 and now preparing for 2024.

There, in the exchange with the listeners, is where Personal memories and oral tradition gain strength that perhaps in another area would be no more than an anecdote. Sunday nap. But for a specialized ear, none of this is lost, because with the check and the corresponding context, the contributions They become a valuable archive, perhaps the missing link to know something more about what a time was like.

“I always liked history, but since I studied and took it I become more passionate every day. The testimonies introduce you to a world that you never knew and that is why they make you want to enter it, investigate it with historical analysis, more and more every day.

he said, in dialogue with RÃ O NEGRO.Â

Already retired, Liliana holds the title of Doctor in History and a vocation for writing, tastes that he combined in the classroom, in works, workshops and proposals, such as “Gypsies, a look that many do not see”, which published with the UNCo publishing house. From that “written” trajectory, if you will, this member of the non-profit association “Custodians of the Historical Cultural Heritage of Cipolletti” (CUPACIP), is also a source of “on-air” consultation, when about the past local it is. That is why the project “Echoes of History†came to consolidate something that she had already been sharing on radio and television..

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Thus, the experiences, songs, proverbs, myths of origin, dynastic or family stories of ordinary people help him to continue working and, at the same time, elaborate on the topics he discussed each week before the microphone. A new cycle was already planned for 2024, they anticipatedstarting in March.

The Peuser House, the Cipoletazo, the Manuel Belgrano School, the Rivadavia Popular Library and associations such as “Círculo Italiano”, the Spanish Society, also the Israeli or Chilean ones, become landmarks there. emblems of the city that have and had a team of neighbors behind them, faces, names and not just dates to memorize. “Personal memory is based on the informant’s own experiences, which do not usually pass from generation to generation except in very abbreviated forms, as, for example, in the case of the private anecdotes of a family. That is why direct personal memories constitute most of the evidence rescued by the oral history movement†, Fedeli explained

The memory of one of many interviews, before the LU19 microphones.


Although lately there is a whole line of content that awakens nostalgia for a decade, for millennials, centennials and all their variants, our teacher points to something deeper, with a look that began to strengthen a long time ago: †œThe historical use of oral sources began in the Anglo-Saxon sphere during the second half of the 20th century and he did it as a technique at the service of social history,†he said.

Now, What is the importance of applying it in one of the most active cities in the Valley? That of generating identity, in a land inhabited by people who had diverse origins, especially after the ’70s. Also a site in which educational content does not have a local or regional bibliographic systematization, except in academic areas. “There is a lack of dissemination and awareness,†she stated, but that does not stop her.On the contrary, it continues to give him reasons to investigate and plant.

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