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Lin Chiling gets back 4 million RMB from Lu Zong’s salary arrears in 4 years | Extreme Challenge | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times November 25, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Taiwan’s top model Lin Chi-ling reported Lu Zong’s “Extreme Challenge” wage arrears case four years ago, and the result finally came out on the 24th. According to the mainland commercial app “Tianyancha”, Lin Chiling participated in the recording of 2 episodes of the third season of “Extreme Challenge” in 2017, but has not received notice fees. After 4 years of the lawsuit, 4 million yuan (about 17 million Taiwan dollars) is finally recovered.

According to the court judgment recently disclosed by “Tianyancha”, Lin Chiling recorded two episodes of “Extreme Challenge” in 2017, and according to the contract, he should receive 4 million yuan in remuneration. But when the program was over that year, Lin Chiling did not receive the notice fee for a long time, so her studio “Shanghai Yukui Film and Television Culture” sued the production unit of “Extreme Challenge” “Yuanchun Culture Communication Company”.

The lawsuit lasted 4 years, and the result was finally reached a few days ago, and Lin Chiling won the lawsuit.

The verdict mentioned that “Yuanchun Culture Communication Company” had long received a notice fee of RMB 4 million from Dragon TV to Lin Chiling, but after 4 years, the other party still did not pay the money to the artist. Lin Chiling’s company, in 2018, In 2020, the contract performance notice was sent to the other party, and the delivery result also showed “signed”. Although the other party claimed that it had not received the relevant documents, the second-instance judgment still ruled that Lin Zhiling won the case.

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Lin Chiling settled in Japan after marriage with AKIRA, a member of Japan’s “Exile Brothers” (EXILE). She has put her work on hold and now devotes her energy to charity activities. After the news of the lawsuit was exposed, she posted a photo of the vegetable garden on IG, and wrote: “Stop and re-understand the soil that nurtures all things, get up and get close to the environment to express gratitude to them for their silent contribution. Start with a choice every day and choose together. Be more friendly to the environment.”

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