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Lin Chiling reveals herself: The reason why she took the initiative to propose to Kurosawa Ryohei (Photos) Marriage | Love | Jerry Yan |

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Lin Chiling reveals herself: The reason why she took the initiative to propose to Kurosawa Ryohei (Photos) Marriage | Love | Jerry Yan |

Lin Chiling revealed for the first time that she proposed to Kurosawa Ryohei. (Image credit: TPG/Getty Images)

June 2,Lin ChilingAfter 4 years of marriage, she was interviewed by the media for the first time as a mother and daughter. Lin Chiling in front of the camera is dignified and gentle.During the interview, she statedmarryThe reason for the self-disclosure is that she took the initiativeProposalis marriedlovedon’t think about the past, and enjoy this semi-retired life of husband and child.

The reason for marriage is the consideration of parents and family

Lin Chiling talked about another reason for getting married, which is also out of consideration for her parents and family. Because my mother Wu Cimei was very sick at that time, and it was at a critical moment that she couldn’t control it. My mother insisted on witnessing her wedding, feeling that she would not rest assured until she was married.

When talking about her mother’s illness, Lin Chiling suddenly choked up and began to cry.

After getting married, my mother’s condition deteriorated rapidly, forgetting about herself, her daughter, and her son-in-law—until she couldn’t recognize us anymore.

When asked which day would she most want to go back to if possible, Lin Chiling said: “I most want to go back to the day when my mother can know herself, and I want to use time to exchange for a day when my mother still remembers me, she is still healthy, as long as there is one day.” There is enough time, and I can spend time with her.

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Take the initiative to propose marriage, emphasizing that you are married to love

Lin Chiling revealed for the first time that she proposed to Kurosawa Ryohei. Because she once starred in a stage play together, but they went their separate ways after the performance. When they met eight years later, she mustered up the courage to ask the other party if they wanted to get married. If they did, they would start dating.

In love, Lin Chiling is brave. But taking the initiative to propose marriage also reflects her loneliness. She said that she has beauty, fame and wealth, but no one pursues her when she is too old. People only see female stars, but almost no one is close to the real her.

This is why she took the initiative to propose to Kurosawa Ryohei.

Lin Chiling said: I proposed to my husband. Everyone says marriage is an impulse, but I have known him for a long time, and we know each other to a considerable extent.

At that time, I felt that Kurosawa Ryohei was a very serious and courageous person. When he was chasing him, I felt like a deer in my heart. This kind of inexplicable feeling is love.

Lin Chiling said that after she proposed, she wanted to build a family together. Just tell Kurosawa Ryohei, what I want is to marry love, and what I want to pursue is your person, not your other aspects.

Rational, romantic and brave, Lin Chiling said that she was already 44 years old at the time, and she really needed to get married quickly.

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Lin Chiling Kurosawa Ryohei
Lin Chiling and Kurosawa Ryohei. (Image credit: TPG/Getty Images)

Cherish the present and be relieved to look down on the past love journey

Lin Chiling and Kurosawa Ryohei’s flash marriage is also considered to be a complete withdrawal from Jerry Yan after going around for 17 years but with no results.

The relationship between Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan has gone round and round, from rumors spreading like wildfire to going out together, from acquiescing to a relationship to admitting to being single again, the scene of the two of them tearing apart in the air is also deeply remembered by many people.

Four years later, Lin Chiling became not only a wife, but also a mother. When she talked about Kurosawa Ryohei, she was satisfied and happy, and now enjoying the life of a husband and a child also made her feel at peace.

Referring to the past again, she didn’t mention Jerry Yan, but felt that the love in the past was a process of her self-seeking, she was relieved and bearish, neither resentful nor lamentable.

Lin Chiling said that if she gets married when she is young, maybe the other party is not so suitable, but it will let her pass by her current life. The implication is that she doesn’t think about the past now, and now she is comfortable and cherished.

After marrying Kurosawa Ryohei in 2019, Lin Chiling reduced her work and focused on her family. After becoming a mother, except for a few occasional activities, the time is still basically reserved for the family. She said that she regards the time with her children as a gift.

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Lin Chiling announced earlier that she would not have a second child with Kurosawa Ryohei, and also said that her physical condition could not bear the pressure of another pregnancy. But when he was on camera, his body was not haggard, and his appearance was still good, not at all like 48 years old.

In daily life, Lin Chiling does not have high heels, nor does she have exquisite makeup and hair. She has long been used to shopping in supermarkets with her baby in her arms. She said that she didn’t have the anxiety of retreating behind the scenes, she just returned to her own life.

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