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Lin Feng’s wife Zhang Xinyue’s personal introduction is a model and actress.

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I believe that many people have seen the TV series “Wife’s Romantic Travel”. Among them, Lin Feng and his wife Zhang Xinyue are a very loving couple on the show, but many people don’t know much about Lin Feng’s wife Zhang Xinyue. Let’s talk about it below, Personal introduction of Lin Feng’s wife Zhang Xinyue.

Zhang Xinyue was born on September 18, 1990. She graduated from Weifang Preschool Education Special Teachers’ Normal School and is a model and actress in China.. In 2010, he won the runner-up in the National Fashion Underwear Model Contest; in 2011, he participated in the “Star Sister Election Fashion Baby Season” held by Hunan TV and won the Fashion Model Award; in 2019, he participated in the 9th Southern New Silk Road Model Contest and won the competition Top 10 players and runners-up.

Zhang Xinyue is not only beautiful, but also kind-hearted. After being with Lin Feng, she took the initiative to reduce her work and accompany Lin Feng’s family and her children. When Lin Feng went out to work, he kept the house in good order. At home, he was definitely a good helper and a good wife. She got along with Lin Feng’s family very happily, which shows that she is a person with a good personality.

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