Home Entertainment Ling Wushuang or Huo Wushang’s “Splendid Xinghan, Moon Rising to the Sea” made Wu Lei’s identity confusing jqknews

Ling Wushuang or Huo Wushang’s “Splendid Xinghan, Moon Rising to the Sea” made Wu Lei’s identity confusing jqknews

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Ling Wushuang or Huo Wushang’s “Splendid Xinghan, Moon Rising to the Sea” made Wu Lei’s identity confusing jqknews

Source title: Ling Wushuang or Huo Wushang’s “Splendid Star, Moon Rising to the Sea” several foreshadowings make Wu Lei’s identity confusing

On the evening of August 18th, the costume drama “The Stars and the Bright Moon Rising to the Sea” starring Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi will usher in the finale screening ceremony.

Ling Budo, played by Wu Lei, is a young general and the emperor’s favored son, but his life experience is far from simple. The Lonely City case many years ago caused Ling Budo to plant the seeds of hatred. The son of the Ling family is actually the orphan of the Huo family. For many years, he has been working step by step, only to hope that one day he will be able to redress the family’s injustice.

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As the biggest secret of the whole drama, Ling Budo’s true identity has actually been foreshadowed a long time ago. The Queen and Lord Cui’s description of Ling Budo’s childhood can be described as a bright line. Where is the dark line buried? I remember the first time Cheng Shaoshang saw the portrait of General Huo, and he wondered that he was eight-point similar to Ling Budo. Later, Ling Budo had a few exchanges with Shaoshang, but he hesitated and changed his words temporarily, which also proved that he still thought There are secrets that are not easy to reveal. Coupled with several visits to Xinghua Courtyard, Mr. Huo sometimes blurted out that Ling Budo was “a nephew who came to eat free food”. Ling Budo resolutely recognized it without any hesitation. Now that I think about it, maybe his identity has been from the beginning. The audience has been told.

As the past unfolds, a once bloody truth is about to emerge. It can be seen from the official notice that the day Ling Budoubt succeeds in taking Ling Yi’s revenge will also be the time when he parted with Shaoshang. Seeing that the wedding date is approaching, but the good relationship is difficult to continue, I can’t help but feel sorry for the lovers. Recalling the good old days, Ling Budo once asked Shaoshang; “If what you want to do will hurt someone you care about, how should you choose?” A prophecy.

Throughout the roles played by Wu Lei, there are few simple and straightforward characters, and Ling Budo is no exception. The expressiveness has always been remarkable, and it also portrays the characters’ characteristics of being shrewd and strategizing. Tonight’s big abuse plot is about to start, the two people’s divorce is a foregone conclusion, they can only look forward to Ling Budo’s return in five years, I hope both of them can understand by then, what is the importance of Ling Budo or Huo Wushang? The one who wants to love even with his life is enough.

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