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Lionel Messi already met with Román

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Lionel Messi already met with Román

Lionel Messi hugged Juan Román Riquelme at the Intercontinetal hotelin the center of Buenos Aires, headquarters of concentration of the figures who will be part of the farewell party of the idol of Boca today in La Bombonera.

He captain of the Argentine national team arrived in Buenos Aires on a private flight from Rosario, where on Saturday he accompanied Maximiliano Rodríguez in his tribute on the Newell’s Old Boys pitch, and went directly to the guests’ meeting point, from which They will leave in minutes for the Boca stadium.

The official account of the club portrayed the moment in which Messi hugged Romándressed in «auriazul» clothing, and then greeted Carlos Bianchi, the most winning coach in history of the institution.

Riquelme and Messi shared the field for 2,176 minutes in 27 games (24 official) with the Argentine national team between October 2005 and the same month of 2008.

Also The world champions in Qatar 2022 such as Ángel Di María and Leandro Paredes were present at the hotel. Both were also portrayed by the club’s official account, which immortalized the moment of the meeting with Juan Román Riquelme. In the Bombonera the previous one is already lived, with the first musical shows.

La Bombonera eagerly awaits Riquelme

The fans of Bocaeuphoric, They filled 50 percent of the capacity of La Bombonera three hours before the start of the tribute match Juan Román Riquelme, the greatest idol in the club’s history.

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Las The doors of the mythical stadium opened at noon and since then the “xeneize” people began their entry in an orderly manner and sustained to live “a game for life”, as the slogan chosen for the celebration says.

Las two middle and lower stadium headers were filled with anticipation and the fans located there enlivened the atmosphere with the addition of music emitted by the sound system of the field.

The Farewell party for the last 10 will begin at 4:00 p.m. with musical shows and will continue until 6:00 p.m. with a football match that will have as its maximum attraction, except for Riquelme, the captain of the Argentine national team, Lionel Messi.

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