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Lionel Scaloni and his coaching staff, in charge of security on board Airlines

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Lionel Scaloni and his coaching staff, in charge of security on board Airlines

Aerolíneas Argentinas presented this Friday its new security video on board and surprised with the protagonists of the institutional material designed to be projected before each takeoff of its planes.

Lionel Scaloni, technical director of the Argentine team that won the World Cup in Qatar 2022, and the coaching staff completed by Pablo Aimar, Walter Samuel and Roberto Ayala were chosen to be part of the content that provides the necessary information to take into account the time to fly with the flag area line.

Logically, with the participation of Scaloni and his collaborators, the video was colored with soccer references. “At Aerolíneas Argentinas, safety is the most important thing. Pay close attention to this technical talk ”, announces the coach at the beginning of the video in which he and his team give the necessary safety references for the passengers.

“Stay with your seat belt fastened and visible throughout the flight,” adds the DT later. Automatically, Samuel fastens the belt of his companion, neither more nor less than the world champions trophy that the selected team received after beating France in the final on December 18.

Then, Roberto Ayala takes the floor to indicate the emergency exits and Scaloni does the same with the evacuation slides. At that moment, it shows how passengers should jump in an emergency and the example is done by a woman in fan mode, who jumps with the Argentine flag and hugs a stewardess as if she were celebrating a goal.

The ball used in the World Cup in Qatar also appears, which is kept in the upper luggage compartments and serves to illustrate that the aisles of all aircraft must remain free.

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Another of the details alluding to the World Cup won by the national team has to do with the moment in which the oxygen mask system is shown, which can be activated in case of pressure loss. There Pablo Aimar emulates the gesture of emotion that distinguished him after Lionel Messi’s goal against Mexico, at a key moment in the competition.

Regarding the closure, Scaloni wishes the eventual passengers a good flight and thanks them for choosing the airline. Then, there are festivities, little papers and the three stars shine as a central part of the scenery.

In addition to the version published by Aerolíneas Argentinas on its Twitter account (which lasts 2 minutes), the full video has already been uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel and is longer than 5 minutes (includes repeated indications in English).

On both Twitter and YouTube, the comments are evidence of the successful marketing move by the airline, which generated widespread empathy and approval. Many users even made reference to the good acting performance of the coaching staff led by Scaloni.

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