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List | Low-cost domestic masterpiece “Mao Li” launched on station B “Lang Jie 3” fried the red Wang Xinling! _box_movie_universe

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List | Low-cost domestic masterpiece “Mao Li” launched on station B “Lang Jie 3” fried the red Wang Xinling! _box_movie_universe

Original title: List | Low-cost domestic masterpiece “Mao Li” launched on station B “Lang Jie 3” fried red Wang Xinling!

All data for this week’s list is as of 16:00 on May 25th. The list represents the views of “film and television observers”, and friends in the industry are welcome to give us valuable opinions and suggestions.

In the 20th week of 2022 (May 16 to May 22), the broader market closed at 165 million, a slight increase from the previous week. Among them, “5.20” single-day box office exceeded 56 million, creating the best result in the film market after the May 1st holiday. As an old “5.20” film in 2021, the re-screening of “I Want Us to Be Together” once again brought a hot market. , which confirms that the audience still has a “rigid need” for entering the theater to watch movies.

Although Shanghai and Beijing, two major ticket warehouse cities, are still closed, the proportion of theaters that have resumed work in the country has reached 70% around “5.20”. The re-screening of “I Want Us to Be Together” once again brought the hot film market. On the one hand, it is because the two leading actors Zhang Jingyi and Qu Chuxiao have gained fans again with the help of new works in the past year, and the main reason is that the side explains The “rigid need” of audiences, especially young audiences, for entering the theater to watch movies is undoubtedly a source of confidence and confidence for the film industry. In addition to “I Want Us to Be Together”, “Bad Guys” has been continuously fermenting at the box office with its good reputation since its release on May 1st. The current cumulative box office has exceeded 160 million, even surpassing DC’s super IP “New Bat” Hero’s results. This also shows that the audience is still looking forward to topical “new films” and “blockbusters”.

Since April, 22 films have been withdrawn before the Qingming, May 1, and 520 films, and the new release dates of many films have not yet been determined. New week and new movies. Doraemon, who has been “dominating” the June 1st period for many years, once again extended a “round hand” to children and big friends. The PK with it is “Five Boys Who Throwing Water”. The film was released on National Day last year. Facing fierce competition, the box office results were not outstanding. I don’t know if this re-screening can achieve better results like “I Want Us to Be Together”.

“Doctor Strange 2” tops three straight North American box office

The North American box office statistics website released the latest movie market data on May 22. The North American weekend box office (May 20-22) of 23 films reported more than $73.49 million.

Marvel’s latest fantasy adventure film “Doctor Strange 2: The Multiverse of Madness”, which premiered in North America on May 6, dropped 48.8% month-on-month in its third weekend of release, but still dominated the North American weekend box office rankings with about $31.6 million. Three consecutive. The only three-time winner on the list is the action drama “The New Batman,” which debuted in early March. At present, “Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness” has accumulated a total of about 342 million US dollars at the North American box office and 803 million US dollars at the global box office.

In the movie arena where “Doctor Strange 2” reigned supreme, the two latest “British style” films also share a few springs. One is the second “Downton Abbey” series film “Downton Abbey: New Age” that brings together the original cast. This romantic drama debuted in North America on May 20, and successfully landed second place in this round of charts with about $16.02 million in its opening weekend box office. The second is the British-based horror drama “People”, which ranked fifth in the list with about $3.29 million in its opening weekend box office. The film, written and directed by British filmmaker Alex Garland, was nominated for the Director’s Fortnight at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival. It is currently rated at 75% on Rotten Tomatoes by major film review sites. Some viewers said that “I didn’t understand the film, but I was shocked.”

Affected by the diversion of new films at the box office, the rankings of two “family fun” films that are very popular with audiences have been slightly lowered in this round. DreamWorks Animation’s “Bad Guys” dropped to No. 3 at the weekend box office with about $6.1 million, and currently has a global box office of about $182 million. The fantasy animated comedy “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” dropped to No. 4 with about $3.94 million, and currently has a global box office of about $375 million.

This week’s recommendations:

“Doraemon: Nobita’s Cosmic War 2021”

“Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Cosmic War 2021” is an animated film directed by Shin Yamaguchi and written by Dai Sato. Due to the epidemic, the film will be released in Japan on March 4, 2022 and in mainland China on May 28, 2022.

On May 10, 2022, “Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Cosmic War 2021” officially announced the confirmation of the introduction to mainland China, and released the “Wonderful Encounter” version of the poster. Since 2015, the “Doraemon” series of films has been introduced into China for eight consecutive years. The film is adapted from the 1985 theatrical version of “Doraemon: Nobita’s Little War of the Universe”, which tells the story of Nobita’s accidental acquaintance with Papi, a small alien from Pirika, and with the help of Doraemon, with the help of Doraemon. The cosmic adventure story of everyone traveling through the interstellar space and guarding the friendship and the planet together.

“Five Boys Who Throw in Water”

“Five Throwing Boys” is directed by Song Haolin, starring Xin Yunlai, Feng Xiangkun, Li Xiaoqian, Wu Junting, Wang Chuan and others, and will be released in mainland China on October 1, 2021. The film is a remake of the Japanese movie “Five Boys Who Throwing Water”, which tells the story of five high school boys with different personalities who joined the school’s men’s synchronized swimming team by accident. The story of the youth counterattack of “Men’s Synchronized Swimming”.

TV section

Weekly average top 5 TV drama ratings

Weekly average top 5 viewership ratings for online dramas

Low-cost domestic masterpiece “Mao Li” launched on station B

Back to where the dream started!

The domestic crime suspense drama “Mao Deception” directed by Li Hongsu was officially launched on station B last night. The series will be uploaded by Li Hongsu’s personal official account, and one episode will be updated every day.

This play tells the story of a group of characters walking on the edge of the city. They have strict internal discipline. Maybe they do not have high morals, but they have professional ethics. Their purpose is not only for money.

They are artists with high IQs, who precisely calculate every step of the plan, lock the target, make plans, carefully plan, lure the enemy into the depths, and finally put the greedy and lustful and the rich and unscrupulous into the net. It is a mirror that reflects another dimension of society. Some things we may not see, but we have all heard, this is the story of the past, the legend of the future.

“Spring Breeze and Green River South Bank” starts tonight

Starring Gao Xin and Xu Baihui to protect green waters and green mountains

At 19:30 tonight, directed by Huang Kemin, written by Ji Feng, starring Gao Xin and Xu Baihui, the key reality TV series “Spring Breeze and the South Bank of the Green River” will be launched on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater. The play tells the stories of Jiangnan County Party Secretary Yan Donglei leading the team members in a series of work such as optimizing the development environment, carrying out efficiency reforms, and building beautiful villages. It shows the group portraits of grass-roots cadres who are dedicated to the people and perform their duties with vivid and simple lenses. style.

The main creators in the play have many familiar faces to the audience. The leading actors are actors Gao Xin and Xu Baihui. The former plays Yan Donglei, the deputy secretary of the Jiangnan County Party Committee who just took office. The county’s environmental governance work has been rectified in place; the latter plays the role of a returnee female entrepreneur Su Xiaolan, who is dedicated to implementing the “Qingjiang Plan”, hoping to improve the environment in her hometown.

Gao Xin and Xu Baihui have created many classic screen roles, which are still talked about by the audience to this day. In 2000, Gao Xin became an instant hit with the role of Lu Erhao in “Deep Love and Rain”. But “Lu Erhao” brought Gao Xin, in addition to the audience’s high popularity and constant film appointments, there are also the constraints of labeling. Until the broadcast of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s hit drama “Everything is Good” in 2019, Gao Xin climbed to the peak of his career with the role of Su Mingzhe, and his acting skills were also well received by all parties. This is Gao Xin’s first attempt to play a grass-roots cadre, “First of all, we must play this role alive, flesh and blood, and create a down-to-earth and effective image of grass-roots leaders. There is hesitation and confusion, but more of it is perseverance and enterprising. and dedication.”

Speaking of the heroine Xu Baihui in the play, her most “out-of-the-circle” role in recent years is Yu Hong in “The World“. In this phenomenal drama, which is also broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater, Xu Baihui plays Yu Hong, who is industrious and down-to-earth. She has worked hard to cultivate her son into a talent. The female interpretation is just right. This time, in “Spring Breeze and Green River South Bank”, Xu Baihui turned into a female entrepreneur and actively participated in the environmental governance of her hometown. Talking about this role, Xu Baihui said: “She has a strong sense of social responsibility, has a sense of responsibility, and has a pattern. This is what Su Xiaolan attracts me most.”

The new drama “Police Honor” is set for May 28

Starring Zhang Ruoyun and Bai Lu

Recently, the TV series “Police Honor” released a final trailer, announcing that it will be broadcast exclusively on iQIYI from May 28. The official Weibo post said: “The daily life of Balihe is wrapped in the smell of fireworks. As soon as I joined the job and started to face the community cases of the residents, the place was very lively. I hope that the four trainee police officers will follow the old police officers to solve the problem. Growth and transformation in each case.”

“Police Honor” is directed by Ding Hei, written by Zhao Dongling and Tan Jiayan, starring Zhang Ruoyun and Bai Lu, starring Wang Jingchun Friendship, starring Ning Li, Xu Kaicheng, Zhao Yang, etc., starring Li Chengru and Xu Di, and co-starring Guo Hong and Liu Guanlin. It tells the story of two generations of police officers from the Balihe Police Station who have been tempered and grown in the police and case handling, and jointly guarded the honor of the police.

Variety show

TV variety show ratings Top 5

Online variety show ratings Top 5

Wang Xinling “Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves”

After being warmed up for a long time, the initial stage of “Riding the Wind and Waves” was finally presented to the audience on May 20. With so many sisters, some of them are of the queen level, the stage is like a fight between gods and gods. But I didn’t expect that in the end, it was Wang Xinling’s famous song “Love You” that exploded in the first battle. He went straight to the hot search champion that day, and even made netizens call “Ye Qing Hui”.

Wang Xinling, together with Rainie Yang, Angela Chang, and Jolin Tsai, were called “Chinese pop music circles”. Big Fourbishop“. Her “Bending Eyelashes”, “Love You”, “Rainbow Smile”, and “When You” are the must-spot songs of many netizens on KTV. She starred in the TV series “The Wedding Dress of the Kingdom of Heaven” and “Peach Blossom Girl”. , “Smile pasta” has also become a sweet memory of youth for thousands of girls, calling her the leader of the sweetheart.

But then Wang Xinling fell silent and lost her voice for some unknown reason. Recently, Wang Xinling became popular again with the song “Love You”, and it occupied 3 entries in the top five hot searches, which shows how popular she is now. In the early morning of the 23rd, Wang Xinling also responded to the news that became popular again. She said, “If these days remind everyone of good memories, it is really a better thing. I will continue to create more memories with you. , I also hope to use music to accompany you through all kinds of journeys.” The words are sweet, and he is still the familiar “sweet leader”.

Jay Chou

In addition to Wang Xinling, last weekend, Jay Chou also set off a memory killing again. On May 20th and 21st, Tencent Music, together with its four platforms and WeChat video accounts, launched two concerts of Jay Chou, namely “Magic Tianlun 2013 Concert” and “The Strongest on the Surface 2019 Concert”. As a result, on the night of the 20th, Jay Chou’s replay concert immediately rushed to the top of the hot search. According to Tencent Music, according to incomplete statistics, the number of viewers of the replay concert exceeded 50 million, “setting the highest viewing record for domestic online concerts”.

According to incomplete statistics, from 2017 to 2019, TFBOYS maintained the record for the number of viewers of online live concerts, and there was no need to pay for live broadcasts at that time. 2020 can be described as the “first year of online concerts”. Due to the impact of the epidemic, offline concerts have been frequently blocked, so online concerts have become the first choice. In May of that year, Taiwanese group Mayday’s online concert attracted more than 35 million viewers online. In July 2021, Singaporean artist JJ Lin held an online concert, sparking controversy over “high ticket prices”. In December of that year, the West City Boys’ online concert in the United Kingdom accumulated more than 27 million views and 164 million likes. On New Year’s Eve, the concert on the antenna in May was watched by more than 14 million people. In April of this year, Cui Jian’s online concert even detonated the collective screen of the circle of friends.

Some analysts believe that although this Jay Chou concert is free to replay, it will bring hidden consumption, and the huge traffic can attract advertising and brand title sponsorship. At present, there are three main ways to monetize online concerts: tickets, advertisements and brand names. For free concerts, advertising and brand naming have become the main means of monetization. This type of situation mainly occurs on well-known artists such as Cui Jian, Leslie Cheung, Rene Liu, etc. They can usually bring huge traffic, so the threshold can be lowered to attract more people to watch, thereby attracting sponsors.

Golden Eagle Award

A few days ago, the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released the “Announcement on the 2022 First Criticism and Recognition Projects”. Among the 36 permanent items to be adjusted, the adjustment of the China TV Golden Eagle Award was mentioned, the audience favorite actor and actress award was cancelled, and the best supporting actor and actress award was added. The news immediately aroused heated discussions, and the topic of #Golden Eagle Award canceling the audience’s favorite actor and actress award# even rushed to the hot search on the morning of May 22.

The Golden Eagle Award was established in 1983. Together with the Chinese TV Drama Feitian Award and the Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award, it is known as the Three Awards for Chinese TV Dramas. The Golden Eagle Award is a permanent national TV art award produced by a combination of expert reviewers, members of the China Television Association and audience votes. In 1998, the 16th session was renamed “China TV Golden Eagle Award”. In 2000, the 18th session was upgraded to “China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival” and settled in Changsha, Hunan. Since 2005, the Golden Eagle Award has been changed to be held every two years, and the award ceremony is usually held in Changsha, Hunan every October.

The “Audience Favorite Actor and Actress Award” didn’t come out of the box. In 2000, the 18th Golden Eagle Awards announced the 12 “Audience Favorite Actors” awards selected by the audience at the opening ceremony of the Golden Eagle Festival, and the audience selected one male and one female outstanding actor from the 12 during the Golden Eagle Festival. The name was announced at the closing ceremony of the Golden Eagle Festival. In 2001, the “Audience Favorite Actor and Actress Award” officially appeared in the 19th Golden Eagle Awards. Li Baotian, Li Youbin, Pu Cunxin, Liu Bei and many other actors have won the award.

In 2020, the audience’s favorite actor and actress awards at the 30th Golden Eagle Awards will be changed from 2 each to the audience’s favorite actor and actress awards and the best actor and actress awards each. The best actor and actress awards were taken by Ren Dahua (“Macau People”) and Tong Yao (“Big River”). And Wang Yibo won the audience’s favorite actor award at the Golden Eagle Award for the role of Xiangkong in the middle of “Accompany You to the Top of the World“, and Zhao Liying won the audience’s favorite actress award at the Golden Eagle Award for the role of Sheng Minglan in “Do You Know”. After cancelling the audience’s favorite TV drama actor and actress awards, Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying also became the last award winners.Return to Sohu, see more

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