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Listen to “Birthday” with polka-dot music and enjoy the diverse music colors of Red Velvet-Qianlong.com.cn

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Listen to “Birthday” with polka-dot music and enjoy the diverse music colors of Red Velvet-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Listen to “Birthday” with polka-dot music, and enjoy the diverse music colors of Red Velvet

“Queen” returns, and its unique musical color sweeps the winter music world. At 17:00 on November 28th, the popular Korean female singing group Red Velvet’s new mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022-Birthday” was launched on Polka Music and opened for pre-sale. The most beautiful hope of velvet.

For ReVeluvs, this is an extremely joyous moment: the new EP is the second album of the Red Velvet music festival “The ReVe Festival 2022”, and it contains 5 songs of different genres. By telling the “opposite love story”, Z Generations of love with multiple experiences and true self attitudes, showing Red Velvet’s rich musical colors, is expected to capture the hearts of fans again after being crowned the “Queen of Spring”.

Good days always fly by. Red Velvet, which debuted in 2014, has been with you for 8 years in a blink of an eye. Bae Joohyun, Kang Seulgi, Son Seungwan, Park Sooyoung and Kim Yerin, the five trainees, relying on sweet and lively charm, talent, temperament and hard work, accompanied by flowers and applause along the way, “Strong and soft diverse appearances, bring you different aspects The sensory enjoyment of “, the reputation is countless.

What is rare is that since their debut, Red Velvet has proved its broad music field and unique ability to digest concepts through various activities such as groups, solo units, and collaborations. It has shown extraordinary performance in acting, variety shows, MC. Talent, widely loved by the public.

2022 is of great significance to Red Velvet. In March, “The ReVe Festival 2022” debut album “Feel My Rhythm” became a hit shortly after its launch, hitting No. 1 on the Korean record and music charts, and iTunes TOP album ranking No. 41 worldwide No. 1 in the region, and also won the top spot in China’s QQ Music digital album sales chart, and topped the “Queen of Spring” in terms of popularity and best-selling.

“Birthday” was launched after 8 months, and the 5 songs showed a new look as soon as they were launched, but the styles of the 5 songs were different for the same “telling about opposite love”. The title song “Birthday” is sampled from George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”, with Trap as the keynote, drums and refreshing Synth Sound, full of rhythm. The dreamy collision of romantic lyrics confession and classical music caused many fans to call strongly.

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In contrast, “BYE BYE” is an R&B pop dance song that combines bass and strings, telling a story of being no longer swayed by love, full of maturity and charm; “On A Ride” is a brisk Hyper Pop dance song , comparing the exciting and noisy feelings of love to a roller coaster, which has the vividness and dreaminess of an amusement park.

As an R&B pop dance song, “ZOOM” combines Bass and tense Synth Sound. The lyrics are more dramatic, describing the tension and excitement. With the hearty and domineering singing, it brings a strong sense of substitution; the medium-tempo R&B ballad ” “Celebrate” expresses the regretful feeling of wanting to go back to the past through the hazy album sound, generous and soft melody, and lyrical lyrics, with a warm aftertaste.

It is worth mentioning that the unique experience of listening to music on the Polkadot music platform has also made thousands of ReVeluv’s emotions explode quickly, and the message wall is hot to the touch. Many fans said “returning to Dafa”, “returning is still beautiful”, “unforgettable when you hear it”, and even some die-hard fans left a heartfelt message “Poli, you are my forever sister”, “It sounds good, repeated many times “!

Since its launch in 2020, the wave point music platform has been loved by Generation Z as a cutting-edge music product. This time, Red Velvet’s new specialty can reap the explosive effect, the platform’s deeply immersive song listening experience, the minimalist style playback mode, and the unique functional design are all contributed. To know the charm of Red Velvet’s new mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022-Birthday”, turn on Dot Music, enjoy the platform’s exclusive listening experience, and deeply perceive Red Velvet’s unrestrained, free and diverse music colors.

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